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Dave RamseyCareer Step, an online provider of career-focused education and corporate training, is proud to announce that its career-focused programs providing affordable education has been nationally endorsed on The Dave Ramsey Show. Dave’s endorsement can be heard on over 550 radio stations nationwide and will reach over 8.5 million listeners per week.

“It is a privilege to be highlighted on The Dave Ramsey Show,” said Career Step President and CEO Steve Tober. “We are pleased to share with The Dave Ramsey Show community our low-tuition cost training programs that continue to train and educate learners in the high-demand industries of healthcare and technology. Our online training programs meet the needs of many of Dave’s listeners, specifically to make a cost-effective investment in their future earning power. We are passionate about providing high-quality education at an affordable price that will propel people into a successful career. We are happy to team up with The Dave Ramsey community to further share that message.” 
The Dave Ramsey Show is the third largest nationally syndicated radio talk show, with more than 550 affiliates nationwide. Dave Ramsey has been sharing sage financial advice for more than 23 years and has written numerous books, including five New York Times bestsellers. Career Step and The Dave Ramsey Show have a long history of promoting personal development and making results-oriented investments. In Career Step’s case, these ideals are specific to higher education. Career Step focuses on helping students graduate debt free by offering affordable tuition rates in line with career earning potential. Career Step’s programs are also built to ensure students make the most of their investment by teaching the specific skills employers require so they are able to find a job and start working immediately following the completion of their program.

“Providing cost effective career training is at the core of the Career Step mission,” said Career Step Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Ewer. “Our goal is to prepare students for quick entry into a successful career by teaching them the skills necessary for a position in a high-demand industry. By solely focusing on the required skillset for a specific role, Career Step students can finish quickly—often in less than a year. This enables Career Step students to enter their chosen field, prepared to start earning income immediately. This low cost and results-oriented investment aligns well with Dave Ramsey’s ideals, making this relationship a perfect fit.” 

Career Step has been offering career-focused education programs for over 20 years. All of the training is offered entirely online, allowing students to study on the schedule and at the pace that fits their lives. Each course prepares a student for a specific career field—such as medical transcription, medical coding and billing, or medical office management—with tuition rates ranging from $2,000 to $3,400 for each program. Career Step offers training programs for a variety of careers across healthcare, technology, and administration.

Listen to The Dave Ramsey Show to hear the national endorsement of Career Step. More information can also be found at or by calling 1-855-752-7840.

About Career Step
Career Step, an online provider of career-focused education and corporate training, has trained over 85,000 students, has more than 150 partnerships with colleges and universities nationwide, and provides training for several of the most respected healthcare employers in the nation. Career Step is committed to helping students and corporate employees alike gain the skills they need to be successful in the workplace, improving lives and business results through education. Career Step’s training programs are currently focused in healthcare, technology and administration, and more information can be found at or 1-800-246-7836.

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  1. Martha Binder July 31, 2015

    Hello fellow blog readers!

    I am a Career Step student and am having a very positive experience in the Medical Coding and Billing course. I find it very interesting and am excited to become a part of something that will help people.

    My husband and I have met Dave Ramsey and even had dinner with him in a group setting of VIP guests some years ago. We have the highest regard for him. He has been very instrumental in the lives of my family, including our now grown up son & daughter.

    If you have a need for educating yourself or your loved ones, Career Step is an excellent choice. If you need and want guidance in how to run a successful financial life with wisdom and integrity, well, please look up Dave Ramsey!

    I love both Career Step & Dave Ramsey.

    Thanks, Martha Binder

  2. adam wooten December 18, 2015

    I am interested in getting an additional job and looking into additional training that can assist me with another job.Also my wife is a stay at home mom and I would be interested in assisting her also.
    I am a Biomedical equipment repair tech currently.
    Thank you

  3. carlepapa December 18, 2015

    Like info on technology course

  4. Career Step December 22, 2015

    Hi Adam and Carlepapa,

    We’ve given your information to one of our Academic Advisors, and they should be in touch shortly with more information.

    Best wishes!

  5. Nancy P Leggitt March 03, 2016

    I am a retired RN and am very adamant about becoming a patient advocate. I have helped so many people fight the rigors of insurance coverage and obtaining the correct medical care. But I have have not found the necessary funds or venture capital to start up my own company. 
    There are so many people that need help to understand their rights for more than just adequate care in this conglomerate world of medical care. I have seen too many people give up rather than fight the endless red tape they are handed just to get a doctor appointment.
    If there is a course or some way to obtain my idea I would be very interested.
      Thank you
      Nancy P Leggitt (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) )

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!  Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a training program that will help you achieve your goal. :(

    Best of luck as you’re pursuing your passion!

  6. Jeffrey Gould February 10, 2017

      Interested in taking classes at Career Step as a medical coder. Unsure if school could be a scam or what? Would appreciate any feedback!

  7. Career Step February 10, 2017

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Thank you for your interest in the Career Step Medical Coding and Billing course. We can assure you Career Step is a legitimate online school and many students have been successful in beginning a new career. Read some of their stories here:

    To learn more about the program take a look at this link:

    If you would like to learn more please contact an academic adviser at 1-800-411-7073 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    Hope this helps!



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