Infographic: Military Funding Options

The military community definitely holds a special place in our hearts. Both service members and their loved ones sacrifice so much in the service of our nation, so we’ve worked hard make sure we’re doing our very best to support them.

All of those different funding options can get confusing though.

Enter our newest infographic—Paying for Your Career Step Education: Military Funding Options.

We’ve tried to make it simple for all military service members, veterans, spouses, and dependents to quickly and easily identify their very best funding option when considering Career Step training. Help us spread the word and share, pin, post, and tweet our Paying for Your Career Step Education: Military Funding Options infographic today!
Military Funding Options

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  1. Will Yankausky January 06, 2016

    I did not realize there is a veteran discount and I’m a veteran.  is there a way to get the discount and what would the process be?

  2. Career Step January 06, 2016

    Hi Will,

    I’ve given an Academic Advisor your information and they’ll be in touch shortly to help you.

    Best wishes!

  3. morgan campbell January 07, 2016

    I need financial help for coding and billing.
    I am on disability.
    I now have stage 3 progressive 3 breast cancer.
    Medicare has alreadpaidid 250,000 dollars. Which has caused me to pay large copays.

    I was an rn in past so I know I can do this program and start home business.

  4. Career Step January 08, 2016

    Hi Morgan,

    You can find more information on tuition assistance here:

    You can also contact an Academic Advisor at 1-800-411-7073 for more detailed information.

    Best wishes!

  5. Brittany March 02, 2016

    I was unaware that there was a discount for veterans spouses. I have already paid for my course. Is there any way to get the veterans spouse price?
    Thank you

    Hi Brittany-
    Thank you for your question! One of our enrollment advisors will be contacting you soon to help you out!

    Best Wishes!

  6. V. Powell-Smith March 21, 2016

    I am a veteran and would like to know what military funding options are available from Career Step? I am interested in the Medical Coding/Billing program.


    V. Powell-Smith

    Hi V.

    Thank you for your question!

    We have a partnership with Fayetteville Technical & Community College and they have a legislative grant that will allow any military personnel, their dependents or veterans, almost 90% off of our tuition fees!  Here is a list of the courses that are available to you through Fayetteville’s Military discount:

    This month we are offering a scholarship of $50, so the course cost will only be $130 if you enroll by March 30th.

    Our next start date is April 6th, and the enrollment deadline is March 30th.

    -Medical Billing and Coding (2 blocks, $180 each)
    -Medical Transcription and Editing (2 blocks, $180 each)
    -Pharmacy Technician (1 block, $180)
    -Medical Administrative Assistant (1 block, $180)
    -Health Information Technology (2 blocks, $180 each)
    -Medical Billing (2 blocks, $180 each)
    -Computer Technician (1 block, $180)

    Depending on the course, you would either enroll in 1 or 2 blocks, each being 4 months, with the option to add up to 2 months for free to each block.

  7. Deb September 14, 2016

    I was talking to someone earlier about the military discount. I am the spouse of a military veteran. This is what I saw on your website: 

    Military Tuition Discounts for Personnel & Their Spouses

    In honor of the sacrifice and service of military service members and their families, Career Step offers special military tuition discounts and tuition assistance for military spouses, service members, and their families.

    Scroll down for the entire list of career-focused training programs, the standard rates for these courses, and the special military pricing for military personnel, spouses, and all members of the military community. Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS   $3,495   $3,095. 

    I was told that if I chose to get the iPad that I would not get the military discount of $400.  I do not see anywhere on your website that it is one or the other.  That is not any different than anyone else wanting to sign up and getting one or the other.

    Can you please clarify or send me what it specifically says.

    Thank you for your clarification.

  8. Career Step September 16, 2016

    Hi Deb,
    Thank you for reaching out to us! The military discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offers (such as the free Ipad). Take a look at this link as it explains in more detail:

    Hope this helps!



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