Infographic: Medical Coding and Billing Career Information & Job Outlook

In honor of our Professional Medical Coding and Billing program, we’ve put together an infographic and video that organize all of the important medical coding career details in one place. This infographic and video provide information about the career prospects, job outlook, and average salary of a medical coding and billing professional. They also provide information about how to prepare for a career in this field and list the benefits associated with this profession.

Medical coding and billing is one of those behind-the-scenes healthcare careers that lets you enjoy all of the benefits of healthcare’s growth and security without working directly with patients (or blood, needles, or other things that may prompt you to say “eeew”). Since it’s more behind the scenes, many people aren’t sure what medical coding really is or what level of demand there is for these professionals.

Enter the new Career Step infographic and video!

Whether you’re interested in medical coding yourself, you know someone who’s looking for a new career in healthcare, or you’re telling others about Career Step’s programs, pin, post, or tweet our “Why You Should Consider a Career in Medical Coding and Billing” infographic and video to tell others about the opportunities available in this field!

State of the Medical Coding and Billing Industry Infographic

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  1. julian fernando August 08, 2013

    fantastic information looks like a very good opportunity for the future in the medical field

  2. Kelli August 12, 2013

    I need this!!!

  3. Joyce Thompson August 13, 2013

    IF a person has a diploma already in ICD-9 is there a course to upgrade to a ICD-10 Diploma?

  4. Career Step August 13, 2013

    Hi Joyce,

    The ICD-10 FastTrack course will be available in the next month. As someone who’s taken a Career Step course before, you’ll be eligible for a returning student discount and we may also have special launch discounts you can take advantage of. Stay tuned and we’ll have more details for you in the next few weeks!

  5. Victoria Zimmerman September 20, 2013

    I haven’t worked for some time now. I’ve already got training as a medical assistant so it follows that I would stay in the medical field for more training to get back to work!

  6. c October 06, 2013

    Thank you for this informative article!

    I am a nurse with a B.S.N.  Are there different courses to take?

    Is there financial assistance available?

    Thank you so much,

  7. Career Step October 07, 2013

    Hi c,

    We have a Professional Medical Coding and Billing course that includes everything students need to prepare for a new career in medical coding. Because the course is online, you can move through it at your own pace, and as a nurse you could probably move pretty quickly through many of the sections (like anatomy, pharmacology, etc.). Most of our students study part time and finish in about 9-12 months, but with your background you could probably complete the training more quickly.

    The tuition for the Professional Medical Coding and Billing program is $2,795 (that includes everything—12 months of course access, all your textbooks and industry code books, instructor support, etc.), and we do have promotions and payment plans available. Please visit for more information.

    Hope that helps!

  8. LouisJohn October 16, 2013

    Thanks for sharing a great information about the scope of medical coding field and information on how to become medical coders. The infographics shown is very informative. Ofcourse medical coders have great scope in health care industry. They require good communication skill with medical terminology and coding knowledge. And basic computer operating skills are also necessary.

  9. Julius Rhodes December 21, 2013

    I was wanting to know what is the total
    amount of the course to take the medical & billing course?
    I took a course in this field, do I have to take another class for the ICD-10 coding?
    I want to know at your convienence.

  10. Career Step December 23, 2013

    Hi Julius,

    We offer two medical coding and billing programs: Professional Medical Coding and Billing and ICD-10 FastTrack.

    The Professional Medical Coding and Billing program is designed to help students who are completely new the coding field prepare for a successful career—including training on the new ICD-10 code set. This program is $2,795.

    Our ICD-10 FastTrack course is designed for new coders who recently graduated from an ICD-9 course and want to add ICD-10 skills to their professional skill set. This course is $695.

    We have a quick little skills evaluation test that can help you figure out which program is best for your situation. You can take the assessment here:

    Best wishes!

  11. In a fundamental way, the medical billing and coding specialist helps prevent our health care system from grinding to a bureaucratic halt!

  12. Diane Neely October 03, 2014

    I took ICD-9 and CPT coding back in 1997, but am finding in interviews that ICD-10 is needed and supposedly much more complicated than ICD-9.  I know I missed out this particular job due to that one course that nobody else in the office new either.  Please let me know when the course starts, financial aide, if any, length of the couse, and where the classes will be held or if it is an online course.

  13. Career Step October 03, 2014

    Hi Diane,

    You may be a great candidate for our ICD-10 FastTrack course. You can find more information at

    This program helps coders already proficient in ICD-9 coding learn ICD-10. It’s entirely online so you can start whenever is convenient for you and it can be completed in just a few month.

    Best wishes!

  14. Barb December 08, 2014

    Are there pre-reqs for this course? LIke A&P or medical terminology?

  15. Career Step December 08, 2014

    Hi Barb,

    Career Step’s Professional Medical Coding and Billing program includes all of that training—medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, everything you need to go from no medical background to a successful medical coder. For more information on what is included in our program, please visit

    Best wishes!

  16. casey January 02, 2015

    Hi there,
    I’m looking into becoming a medical billing and coding specialist. How would I get started ? I have my high school diploma and have no college background. To become a specialist do I need a degree or just a certificate or license? Any more additnal information would be so greatly appreciated

  17. Career Step January 05, 2015

    Hi Casey,

    One of the best ways to get started toward a medical coding and billing career is through a certificate program. With Career Step’s program, you can be career ready in a year or less and graduate with all of the skills needed to earn industry certifications and start working. You can find more information at or by calling one of our Academic Advisors at 1-800-411-7073.

    Best wishes!



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