Certification in ICD-9-CM and/or ICD-10-CM/PCS?

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calendarHere are some quick tidbits of information regarding ICD-9 and ICD-10 certification testing dates.

First of all, is there still time to certify in ICD-9? Yes!

When will the certification exams switch to ICD-10?  Please continue reading…

AAPC announced they will update the CPC exam to test on ICD-10 in January 2016.  If you know the ICD-9 code set and want to certify this year, there is still time to take the CPC exam! 

Important note: In order to maintain your CPC credential into 2016, certified coders must pass an ICD-10-CM proficiency test by December 31, 2015. Check out the AAPC website for more information on the ICD-10-CM proficiency exam.  Taking the Career Step ICD-10 for ICD-9 Coders program will prepare you for the ICD-10-CM proficiency exam. 

If you want the CPC credential and know only ICD-10, one option is to quickly learn ICD-9 to certify this calendar year; another option is to wait till January 2016 when the test transitions to ICD-10. Non-credentialed coders may also take the ICD-10-CM proficiency exam (it is not exclusive to credential holders). This can be a great way to add something to your resume while waiting for the ICD-10 CPC test to become available.

AHIMA announced the CCA exam will update from ICD-9 to ICD-10 on October 12, 2015, as long as ICD-10 is officially implemented as planned on October 1, 2015. If you have earned the CCA before the switch, you will need to provide AHIMA proof of ICD-10 education/training in order to maintain your credential. Once again, Career Step can come to the rescue with our ICD-10 training programs.

After these dates the updated certification exams will reference ICD-10 only. 

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  1. gail gridley October 02, 2015

    I realize that AAPC will begin testing for the ICD 10 in Jan 2016, but does that mean that if I want to certify under ICD 10, I can not even reigister for an exam until until 2016?

  2. Coding Support October 02, 2015

    Hi gail,
    Try checking with AAPC for scheduling early. As long as your local chapter has testings scheduled and available for next year, you could probably register that far in advanced!

  3. Julie October 06, 2015

    I am currently enrolled in the ICD 9 training program and I won’t be finished until January 2016. I need to switch over the the ICD 10 training ASAP.  I am just now finishing Medical Terminology and I haven’t started the ICD 9 module. How do I get switched over? Please help!

  4. Instructor Michelle Malquist October 07, 2015

    To switch your modules from ICD-9 to ICD-10, contact our Operations Department at 1-888-657-5752, option 2 then option 1, and they can assist you with your request.

  5. VERONICA October 07, 2015

    I’m new to online training a couple of questions what is bookshelve all about & how do I get my redeem code. #2 if I take a test How can I retake it or does it take me back not sure .

  6. Instructor Michelle Malquist October 09, 2015


    To find out what your redemption code is for the bookshelve, contact our Operations Department at 1-888-657-5752, option 2 then option 1, and they can give you that code. In regards to the unit tests and module exams, you are able to take these as many times as necessary to achieve your desired score.  The only score that will be kept in the grade book is your highest.

  7. Cathy Chambers October 10, 2015

    I’m currently enrolled in the Medical Coding & Billing ICD-9/10 program. When should I request the ICD code books? Will I be prompted to request the books after I’ve reached a certain point in my modules? (I’m in the Medical Terminology module now.)

  8. Instructor Craig Laursen October 12, 2015

    Hi Cathy,
    You will be prompted to request your codebooks when you get to the first page of the Pharmacology module.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. ***UPDATE***
    If you are newly certified in November or December this year, the deadline for the ICD-10 Proficiency exam is extended out to February 29th. This gives you more time to learn and prepare for the ICD-10 Proficiency test.

  10. Joyce Wilson December 16, 2015

    I an not certifed in nine.  Can i plan to get certifed in 10 and take exam in jan. And not plan to get certifed in 9.  I have my certificates in 9 from carderstep but not certifed.  I like the icd 10 better. Can i just get my certification in it.

  11. Coding Support December 17, 2015

    Joyce: Currently the CPC test is only available in ICD-9.  It will change to ICD-10 in January.  If you want to certify in ICD-10, please wait until January when the test will update.

  12. Talia C December 28, 2015

    I am in the process of finishing up my cpc course via the AAPC website. My exam is not scheduled until January 30, 2016. How can I prepare when the exam is switching to icd-10? Should I finish my icd-9 training along with the icd-10 proficiency training? Am I wasting time by continuing the course with icd-9 training? Any suggestions on how I should proceed? I have two chapters left to complete my cpc course.

  13. Coding Support December 31, 2015

    The CPC exam is switching from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in January.  If you go to certify in January or thereafter you will need to know ICD-10, as the test will be in ICD-10.  We recommend taking the ICD-10 Fast Track program with CareerStep, if you already know ICD-9.

  14. Joyce Wilson January 03, 2016

    I took the icd 10 cm proficency exam assessment.  I have my certificate from aapc.  I want to get certified in 10.  Since i passed the icd 10 fasttrack from you and the inpatient outpatient coding from you and assessment from aapc what else do i need to study get prepared for the new cpc icd10 exam.  Please advise. Thank you

  15. Coding Support January 07, 2016

    The ICD-10 Fast Track program covers information needed to take the AAPC ICD-10 Proficiency exam.

  16. Deb Roberts February 20, 2016

    Help!  I am enrolled in ICD9/10 at Career Step, which qualifies me for AAPC membership.  But I have received no materials from AAPC, like a membership number, newsletter, etc.

    I never received the cpt manuals.  I called student support and was told that I will receive the new books within 10 business days by (2/29) and that I will have until August to complete the course.

    Once I complete the course, will I be eligible to take the CPT 10 only exam?  or must I take both the CPT 9 and CPT 10 exams?

    Please clarify.

    Thankyou for your help.

    Deb Roberts

  17. Dawn February 25, 2016

    Hi…I’m interested in registering for classes in ICD-10 coding, so that I may become certified.  There are so many online schools and information.  Can you guide me in the right direction?

  18. Career Step February 26, 2016

    Hi Dawn,

    There are lots of things you’ll want to make sure your program has, and we have an infographic here that you may find useful:


    One important thing is that you’ll want to choose an employer-trusted program so it leads to a job.

    Some of the largest and most respected names in healthcare use our curriculum to train their employees. Our graduates are also often hired to work remotely immediately after graduation by IOD Incorporated.

    You can learn more from an Academic Advisor at 800-411-7073.

    Best wishes!

  19. Frank March 07, 2016

    Hi, I’m doing my CPC retake because I flunked the first time in December ‘15.

    Since it’s a retake, how much ICD-10 should I prepare for? Does it replace the prior ICD-9 questions?

    And (sorry! lol) what ICD-10 book would best serve me for the retake?

    Lemme know what ya know, thanks!

    Hi Frank-
    Sorry to hear about your test—luckily AAPC offers a free retake for the CPC.  It is currently available only in ICD-10 and unfortunately the healthcare industry is not certifying in ICD-9 anymore. Our advice would be to learn ICD-10 before taking the certification exam.
    You will need an ICD-10-CM book, a current CPT book and a current HCPCS level II book. The CPC exam does not test on ICD-10-PCS.

    Best wishes!

  20. Phyllis March 14, 2016

    My class started in October 2015. We are learning with the 2015 textbook and workbook. Some of us are struggling because there is no much reference to icd 9 while trying to learn 10. Please advise if this us the route we should be taking it should we have the 2016 books. Thanks

    Hi Phyllis,

    You may study for ICD-10 using the 2015 or 2016 handbook, and the 2015 or 2016 ICD-10 code books as there were very few changes made this last year. However,  2017 there will be changes to ICD-10.
    You are welcome to contact student support @ 888-657-5752 to verify which version of the program you are learning.

    Best wishes!

  21. Raquel April 26, 2016

    I finished my ICD-9 classes, never took the ICD-9 test. Do i have to take the 9 before the 10?  If so how can i just go for ICD-10?

    Hi Raquel,

    The CPC exam is switched from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in January.  We recommend taking the ICD-10 Fast Track program with CareerStep, if you already know ICD-9.

    Best wishes!

  22. Bobbi June 15, 2016

    Is the ccs certification valid in all states, or only the state you take it in

  23. Career Step June 16, 2016

    Hi Bobbi,
    Thank you for your question! The CCS certification is valid in all states regardless of where you originally take the exam. Hope this helps and best wishes!



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