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State Exam. Certification. Coding Credentials.

To some, those words incite fear. Maybe you’re not a good test-taker, or maybe the idea of another exam after passing the Career Step final exam is intimidating. However, earning those coding credentials can really help you in a job search, and it speaks volumes to an employer about the level of your preparation and skill. The Career Step program prepares students to take and pass either the CPC exam through AAPC or the CCA exam through AHIMA, and although another test after graduation might be nerve-wracking, take confidence in those that have gone before you and passed. You can do it!

Congratulations to some of our recent graduates all across the country that passed certification exams!

The Career Step program helped me to gain the skills that I needed to get my CCA certification. The graduate support in the program also helped me. I am so thankful because they keep in touch after graduation.
- Wendy Torres (Lebanon, IN)

I’d like to say I’m so glad I chose Career Step’s coding program! It prepared me very well and I passed the CCA exam through AHIMA the first try. I also landed the first job I applied for and have now been coding emergency medicine for the profee and facility side in addition to E/M level and am really enjoying it. I’m looking forward to gaining experience and advancing my career in the Health Information Management field. Thanks again for all the support that was provided and for making it possible to accomplish my goal of a graduation with honors.
- Andrea Krochmal (Medina, OH)

I earned my CPC-A (January 2013) and my CCA (April 2013). I was one of five people out of a group of 20 that successfully passed the CPC exams in January.  And I was the first person in my local AAPC chapter in three years who passed the CPC exam on the first attempt.  I have Career Step to thank for that success. After graduating, I enrolled in an A.S degree program in Health Information Technology at Rasmussen College so I will be eligible for my RHIT credential.  I expect to graduate in early 2014, and after graduation earning my RHIT credential, I plan on becoming a certified cancer tumor registrar (CTR). 
- Kim Mumbower (Foley, AL)

After completing the Medical Billing and Coding program in approximately 6 months, I sat for the CCS credential and passed. I obtained a job coding in a small hospital through a temp agency, and that is turning into a full time position. The knowledge I gained through this program really prepared me for this. I am excited to see where I go from here!
- Ashleigh Sosebee (Clarksville, TN)

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  1. Elizabeth Stone November 10, 2013

    I am enjoying my program with Career Step. I graduated with an Associates Degree in May 2011 in Medical Office Management from Kaplan University; at the time after many months of researching their was not a Billing and Coding Program at any local Community College that reached the goals that I had set for myself. Now that ICD-10 is rolling around I found myself once again needing to regain more strength in the world of Billing and Coding, so once again I set out on an adventure to find a program. Much to my surprise I found Career Step via my local Community College at a far cheaper price than Kaplan and a much better program than what I had already taken. Knowing that a fast track ICD-10 class would probably leave me in the mess I am in now would not be were I should be I wanted something more advanced and found it with Career Step. I look forward to re-sitting for CPC exam in the spring with added confidence that will get me through the exam and hopefully a position with a great company that will be a challenging experience.

  2. Career Step November 12, 2013

    Welcome to the Career Step family, Elizabeth! We’re glad to be able to help you for a successful coding career! =)

  3. khalilah byrd February 11, 2014

    I graduate from medical coding and billing in 2011 I am needing to get Ceratified..Is it too late

  4. Career Step February 21, 2014

    Hi Khalilah,

    You would need to have updated code books, but other than that you can still sit for the credential exams.

    Best of luck!

  5. Jackie May 29, 2014

    If I do not pass the test the first time can I retake it? and if so, how long do I have to wait between tests? is there a fee associated with retaking the exam?

  6. Career Step June 04, 2014

    Hi Jackie,

    All of that depends on the exam you’re taking.

    For the CPC, a free retake is included in your original purchase of the exam. So if you don’t pass you can retake it once without paying anything additional. There is also no waiting period, but you will have to wait until the next scheduled test date, which will vary depending on the area.

    The CCA does not include a retake, so to retake the exam you will have to pay the full registration price (which is about $300). You also must wait 91 days before retaking the exam.

    Best wishes and best of luck earning your credential!

  7. Brenda February 23, 2015

    In researching the Coding Career opportunities, I read comments about the difficulties of gaining Coding careers/positions for adults over 50 years old.  I would like your outlook on that issue., before I decide to invest the money and time in the coding corse.
    Thank you,

  8. Career Step February 23, 2015

    Hi Brenda,

    Many of our graduates are actually over 50. You can find one graduate’s story in this blog post http://www.careerstep.com/blog/coding-and-billing/career-change-after-50-i-became-a-medical-coder. Other graduates also share their experiences in the comments below that post.

    Best wishes as you’re considering a career change!

  9. Joy Heyward March 19, 2015

    Good informative infomation, thanks.



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