ICD-10 Implementation Pushed Back to 2015 (no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke)

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ICD-10 has been delayed—another year. A recent bill was approved on March 31 to push back the ICD-10-CM/PCS implementation date until October 1, 2015. The bill still has to be signed by the President, but it will most likely go into effect. This gives us another year to learn and master the ICD-10 code set! 

AHIMA and AAPC are currently deciding on what actions to take, but we suspect they may stick with ICD-9 certification for another year—time will tell. We are currently working on a program to train ICD-10 coders on the ICD-9-CM code set, especially since it will now be around a bit longer. This will be beneficial for students who are currently learning or already know ICD-10 and need to learn the I-9 code set for certification and/or employment within the next year. 

For more information from AHIMA visit http://journal.ahima.org/2014/03/31/senate-votes-on-icd-10-delay-bill/. This delay is estimated to cost the industry an additional one to six billion dollars on top of costs already incurred from the last year’s delay (it has been pushed back twice before).  According to this article an estimated 25,000 students will be affected—but AAPC reminds us to keep calm, and code on!

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  1. Jeannie Bokemeyer April 01, 2014

    How will this effect me since I have just begun this program and from my understanding am going to learn the ICD-10?

  2. Barb April 02, 2014

    I just started the program, does this mean I will only be able to certify for the ICD-9 when I finish this year and then have to recertify for the ICD-10 next year?  Will I still be trained through the program with the ICD-10???

    Barb Fiddler

  3. Career Step April 02, 2014

    Hi Barb and Jeannie,

    Yes, both of you are enrolled in our program that teaches the ICD-10 code set. We’re still unsure of what AHIMA and AAPC will be doing with their certification exams as there are still a lot of questions in the industry about how organizations should move forward. We are also still developing our plans for how we will help our students—but rest assured that we are completely committed to making sure you are prepared for the workforce. We will keep everyone posted as more details become available and details are ironed out.

    If you would like to talk about how this affects you individually, you’re also more than welcome to contact our coding instructors at 1-888-657-5752 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    Best wishes!

  4. Kathy Day April 03, 2014

    The government could care less about us, trying to better ourselves by learning for an industry that will most likely explode, time is not something I have to waste, I am not a young chickie, If I have to wait a year to do what I have been training for, I might as well file for welfare, oh but I think that’s what the current administration wants, so maybe I wont, so frustrated !

  5. Todd April 03, 2014

    In my HIT course, I heard no matter what, ICD-10 was go live Oct 1st of this year. Are you sure this isn’t a joke? They cannot push it back again, can they? Aren’t the code sets a part of meaningful use?

  6. Career Step April 09, 2014

    Hi Kathy and Todd,

    Unfortunately, the delay is not a joke. It’s taken many in the industry by surprise as CMS assured everyone less than a month ago that the implementation date was set in stone.

    We’re still waiting to hear from CMS what the plan is moving forward. As soon as we have more information, we’ll update our post.

    Best wishes!

  7. Dee Dee Grant April 13, 2014

    Like Kathy Day, I had ALSO been planning to seek employment when the course is completed.  Now, it looks like I will have to “twiddle my thumbs” until Oct 2015 comes around (or MAYBE later!)

    I am NO YOUNG CHICK EITHER!  I am simply trying to keep my “head above water” until I can go to work. 

    Welfare is my only OTHER option and I do NOT want to do that, but it will sure beat sleeping in my car OR finding the nearest Homeless Camp!!

    Did you offer me the opportunity to take the Coding/Billing course KNOWING that I would have to “wait a year” after I am done?????  I will just have to seek OTHER employment (I’m sure) as I will NOT be able to “just sit around” another year.

    Dee Dee Grant
    Placerville, CA

  8. Career Step April 15, 2014

    Hi Dee Dee,

    I can absolutely, 100% guarantee to you that we did NOT know that ICD-10 would be pushed back a year. We were marching toward that date with the rest of the industry, trying to make sure our students would be ready to start working as soon as they were finished. Even the agency that mandated the previous implementation dates (CMS) was blindsided by this delay; less than a month before the delay was put into law CMS publicly announced that the 2014 date was set in stone.

    We are currently developing our plans to make sure that all of our current students will STILL be prepared to start working as soon as they are finished. Look for details in your email box in the next week or so.

    Keep your chin up. We really do have the success of our students at heart, and we’re doing everything we can to help you make a successful career change.

    Best wishes,
    Amy Kendall
    Career Step Marketing

  9. Keri A April 15, 2014

    At least after reading the comments posted here I know that, I’m not alone; maybe all of us older ladies could share a tent!!—Forgive me, just making light of a very bad situation! My frustration level is off the charts over this. Doesn’t anyone have any information yet?

  10. Vickie April 25, 2014

    Life is full of surprises…I am just grateful that I have decided to do this career path via Career Step as I am confident in their sincerity to take care of us current students.  They know that we all need this course in order to provide for our families and for ourselves.  I, too, am no spring chicken, and I’m soon to be a single mom of three, with one a cancer baby.  I will continue my studies and know at the end Career Step will find a way to make this work out.  I am excited for my future career…even if a few extra classes may be necessary to learn the ICD-9.  Sometimes you have to take a few steps back to make a big leap forward! Stay positive everyone…we are in good hands!! smile

  11. Pam Smith November 28, 2014

    I have already been to school and certified for ICD-9. I am debating if I should put the time, effort and money into it. I have also been hearing that ICD-10 will not happen in our country and I would be really upset if I waste my resources on it.
    Any thoughts?

  12. Career Step December 08, 2014

    Hi Pam,

    From what we’re seeing in the industry right now, we still believe ICD-10 will happen it’s just a matter of when. If you’re already trained and certified in ICD-9, your best bet is to start working. Your employer would then make sure that you’re trained and ready for the ICD-10 implementation whenever it does happen and you, most likely, would not have to pay for the training.

    Best wishes!



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