The Next Best Thing to Time Travel

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If you had the chance to fly into the future and get advice from your future self without disrupting the space-time continuum, would you jump at the chance?

Until we figure out time travel, I have the next best thing. I speak to graduates on a regular basis; graduates who have been where you are, studied what you are studying, and struggled with what you are struggling with. We often give our graduates a chance to share their advice with students still working in the program because they remember what it was like and how inspiring it was to hear from someone who made it. If you’re looking for advice, don’t take it from me. Take it from these two graduates:

Dear Currently Studying Students,

I can’t tell you the humble excitement that came across me when I received the e-mail with the subject line “Final Exam Results”.  At first I was a little scared to open it, but I took a deep breath and was almost beside myself when I saw the first word, “Congratulations!”  This has been a long and challenging 2 years with Career Step.  Because I was working a full time job, it took me a little longer than most students to complete the course. 

There were times when I almost gave up. I would tell myself “you are too old to be doing this” or “you have been out of school way to long” or even “you are too dumb to pass this course.”  At my lowest times, I would e-mail Career Step and unload my frustrations. They would always respond quickly with the encouragement I needed at that moment to keep me focused and determined. I want to thank all of you at Career Step for that. I know there are thousands of students enrolled in Career Step, but I must say that when I needed them, they gave me their time as if I were the only student.

Those are the kind of things to which I give credit for getting me to the final and passing it.  With honors!!  I am still in shock.  I will continue to expand my knowledge by studying the Medical Coding and Billing textbooks I purchased from Career Step. I have continued working at my current employer but am always looking for additional work to sharpen my skills. Thank you again, Career Step, for all you have done to help me succeed and fulfill this dream.

Cheryl Martin

Dear Currently Studying Students,

This course is a great preparation for the certification exam. The practicum portion of the course is at times frustrating and overwhelming, but the support team was always quick to respond to my questions with detailed explanation that gave me a better understanding of the coding process. From the introduction to the post graduate counseling, the staff at Career Step is committed to the success of their students.

In November, I graduated with honors and the following week sat for the CPC exam, which I passed with Magna ### Laude distinction. I am currently employed as a Coding Specialist with Mount Kisco Medical Group in Chappaqua, NY, and I love my job! In addition to the valuable training I received from Career Step, I would recommend to students preparing to take the certification exam to take several timed practice exams to get a feel for time management when they actually sit for the exam. While the exam is long and pretty intense, be confident that you have been well prepared. I highly recommend this program!

Eileen Camillone, CPC (Warwick, NY)

Congratulations to Eileen and Cheryl on your great accomplishments! We are thankful to have been a part of your journey and wish you the best of success! To all those that are still working toward their dreams, we are excited to support you and look forward to hearing from you at anytime with updates or questions! 

Career Step Student and Graduate Support



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