2017 Updates to the ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Guidelines

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Several updates and changes have been made to the ICD-10-CM and the ICD-10-PCS guidelines.The guidelines are publicly available, take a look here:


The guidelines printed in the AMA 2017 ICD-10-CM book are actually the 2016 guidelines.

There is a NOTICE printed in the book explaining that the 2017 guidelines were not available at the time of publication, for this reason, we suggest referring to the links above to for the 2017 guidelines. 

Some of the highlighted changes for ICD-10-CM is the new definition of the word “with”, the new zika virus infection guideline.

The change to the hypertension guideline to assume a relationship between hypertension and heart involvement, and hypertension and kidney involvement—unless specified otherwise by the healthcare provider.

Highlights to 2017 ICD-10-PCS guidelines include the addition of examples provided in the guidelines. Other changes include the definition of the Control Root Operation and the Creation Root Operation.

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