3 Ways to Stay Alert While Working as a Medical Transcriptionist!

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Sitting at a computer screen for a living can take its toll. Sitting and working…and sitting and reading…sitting…typing…sitting…sitting…feeling drowsy… Sometimes even a quadruple espresso doesn’t do the trick, but you still have to finish your workday.  We’re a nation of sleep-deprived people and a lot of us seem to be unintentionally on the verge of a nap all day (http://www.cdc.gov/features/dssleep/).  Life can be crazy and demanding. What can you do?

Physical movement is a great energizer; it reverses the static inertia, gets your lungs working, gets your blood pumping, flushes cellular wastes out of your tissues, strengthens your muscles, and also clears the cobwebs from the attic. As difficult as it can be to get started, you’ll never regret a workout, and you’ll be happier, too. You’re only a workout away from a good mood! Moderate to strenuous activity raises your metabolism for hours afterward, which keeps you alert without caffeine jitters.  Exercise can also suppress your appetite—just make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Drink up!
Speaking of staying hydrated, you know that water isn’t just for exercise, right? Mild to moderate dehydration can contribute to feelings of sleepiness and fatigue (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseasesconditions/dehydration/basics/symptoms/con-20030056). Drink lots of water to keep your body happy (your kidneys in particular) and you will feel more awake, as well—and not just because you have to keep visiting the restroom!

Yuck it up!
Laughter is like exercise. It engages your core muscles, makes you breathe deeper, and sends feel-goods to your brain. The internet is full of funny stuff; even if you can’t get up and bust out 100 jumping jacks in the office, you can probably spend a few minutes with lolcats or laughing baby videos—and who can keep a straight face when a baby is laughing?  A good belly laugh can refresh you more than a Diet Coke, it’s better for you, and it’s more fun! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkSj8y4AWEw)

-Jill McNitt
CS Student Support Team

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    GREAT!!  Thanks, I will remember this.
    Not eat, drink and be merry BUT
    Exercise, drink and be merry.



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