Give Yourself a Break!

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When you’re working on production (as most medical transcriptionists do), it’s important to spend serious time in the chair, applying yourself to the job with enthusiasm, in order to bring home the paycheck. Without the discipline to do this, you won’t be as successful as you could be. Of course, too much of a good thing can be as bad as not enough. In this post, let me remind you not to overdo it. Give yourself a break!

For many years, the law has mandated regular breaks in the workplace. When you’re working at home, you should allow yourself the same consideration—for your health’s sake. Sitting for a long time can cause problems because of lack of whole body movement, reduced blood flow to your arms and legs, and muscles that become tight from long-held flexion, or stretched from long-held extension. It’s important to incorporate exercise and stretches into your workday to counteract these things.

Lucky you! You don’t have to be discreet and try to exercise in your chair while not tipping over. You work at home, so you’re not concerned about your professional power suit riding up while exercising, or assuming an embarrassing position while stretching. Most office exercises are chair-based, but because you’re not limited to that, I’d encourage you to establish a good exercise program for yourself. Of course, walking is great; at the very least, go for a walk, take the dog for out for a while (the dog will love it, too), or hit the treadmill. Any activity you do will help counteract the stagnating inertia of a desk job.

Here are some great stretches from the site:

-Jill McNitt
CS Student Support Team

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  1. Laura February 06, 2014

    One of the main reasons I chose MTE work was because I can’t sit for 8 hours straight nor stand for 8 hours. I plan to work from home so I will be able to do the exercises I need to stay comfortable and productive. Thanks for your suggestions!



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