Medical Transcription Employer Spotlight: Princeton Transcription, Inc.

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Princeton Transcription, Inc. is one of the many nationally hiring medical transcription companies that prefer to hire Career Step graduates. They hire independent contractors in the United States and Canada and offer very flexible scheduling. They currently do not do any SR (speech recognition) editing and manage mainly clinic notes. Lots of QA (quality assurance) feedback is provided and Princeton is known as being very “newbie friendly.” You can learn more about Princeton Transcription by visiting their website at:

In the words of Princeton’s hiring coordinator, “I mainly reach out to Career Step when we are in need of new MTs.  They tend to be excited to get started with their new career.  The MTs that come to us from Career Step are motivated, educated, and prepared.  I appreciate the convenience of being able to e-mail Career Step and let them know that we are in need and to just know that I will get plenty of qualified individuals in response.”

Princeton Transcription requires graduation in order to apply and we would encourage you to keep them in mind once you begin your search for employment.

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  1. Jennifer Draper March 11, 2014

    Has Princeton ever joined us for a Thursday moderated chat?  That would be fabulous!

  2. Career Step March 18, 2014

    Hi Jennifer,

    We haven’t had one with them since 2010—however, we would love to feature them! We’ve asked several times, but no luck yet. Maybe if you prompt them as an interested prospective employee they’d be more open to the idea. =)

    Best wishes!

  3. Carly July 19, 2014

    What is the pay rate cpl and hours?



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