Speech Wreck: Context Counts

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It’s fun to read speech recognition platform blunders, and it’s just as fun to read the Sunday comics. So let’s double the fun and read a speech rec blunder comic! (Reading it on Sunday is optional.)

(Note: “SR” refers to what the speech recognition program interpreted the dictation to be. “D” refers to what the doctor actually dictated.)

Speech Wreck by Heather Garrett

SR: The patient is a grocery store stalker.
D: The patient is a grocery store stocker.

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  1. docdoc May 28, 2013

    Love the name of this page! Can’t think of anything more appropriate for the name of some of the “wrecks” I’ve done and laughed over. I think I’ve been doing it all my life. Example: Instead of hearing “little red Corvette” in the song of that title, I thought it was, “Pay the rent,
    Colette,” and I sang along with the radio all the time with my “Wreck.” My kids thought it was the funniest thing ever. (I hope that doesn’t mean that I have a congenital condition of hearing “wrecks” instead of the real words!)



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