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Career Step is pleased to announce that we’re now directly enrolling students in Canada! Several of the Career Step training programs are now available including:

  • Medical Transcription Editor
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Computer Technician

Only these training programs are available because of several key differences between the healthcare systems in the United States and Canada. And since it isn’t in any way helpful to offer training that doesn’t prepare graduates for jobs, we’re focusing our efforts in Canada on these 4 programs.

We’ve made a few changes to your referral webpage to reflect this exciting announcement. Have your contacts in Canada go to your referral webpage and click on the Canada flag to access the information about our programs that are available to them.

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  1. Kim Woodcock May 19, 2016

    I have been doing transcription for 10 years. 1st was with psychiatry and the 2nd was with infectious disease.  I don’t feel I need the training. What else could you offer me to start with your company.  Thanks. Kim.

    Hi Kim-

    Thanks for your interest in our courses. We offer a variety of courses that are work-at-home and some that aren’t such as a pharmacy technician and veterinarian assistant careers. Take a look at this link:


    Best wishes!



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