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Whether you are a student, graduate, or referrer, you mean a lot to us! And we want to say THANKS for all you do to help us spread the word about the great programs we have to offer. A lot of our top students and graduates are a result of your referrals, and we cannot thank you enough for what you do. We truly appreciate your willingness (and enthusiasm) to recommend Career Step to your friends and family!

While some of our referrers use their referral bonus check as extra spending money, we know that many have come to rely on the Referral program as steady income to help pay the bills each month. Whatever your reason for participating in the Referral program, we want to hear what we can do to help you earn more!

We would love to hear your ideas on how we can improve or enhance our referral program to help you be more successful. Are there additional resources you’d like us to offer? Are there topics you’d like us to address in our blog? Please give us your suggestions and feedback on what we can do to help you increase your referrals in the comments below.

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  1. alex October 06, 2016

    Hi i wrote a few days ago asking if there were other ways to have an extra earning. i understand the referral program how about if someone was interested to work from home selling your courses to other businesses - i read on other sites they offer something called VAR.

    Thanks Alex

  2. Career Step October 10, 2016

    Hi Alex,
    Your question and contact info has been passed on to Vonda Anderws, our Referral Manager, and she should be contacting you shortly.

    Best wishes!



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