Meet the Newest Career Step Movie Star: MyCAA!

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We’ve been putting out some pretty cool videos lately (if we do say so ourselves), and the next big Career Step feature is all about MyCAA!

Over 11,000 military spouses have taken Career Step programs over the years, so it’s little wonder that MyCAA is a big deal for a lot of our students, graduates, and referrers. Many of you have used the program or spend a lot of time telling military spouses about this great funding program. So—as part of our ongoing efforts to help you be successful—we’re now giving you a handy, dandy, animated video all about the MyCAA program!

Whether spouses have heard of MyCAA before or not, this video is a great resource because it answers basic questions like “do I qualify for MyCAA,” “what does MyCAA pay for,” and “why does the program exist.”

The best way to share this video while making sure you get credit for any referrals is to click on the Media tab at the top of your referral webpage and then click on the new MyCAA animated video in the Videos section. Once you’re on the page with the video, use that link as you’re sharing the video with others.

If you know any military spouses, let them know about this great resource and encourage them to take advantage of MyCAA while this funding program is available!



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