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Ashley Reffey Being a college student and a military spouse, I know the challenges faced by military spouses while trying to pursue their educational goals. Career Step programs are the perfect option for military spouses to pursue a career rather than just a job for themselves. All Career Step programs can be fully funded using MYCAA (grants for military spouses). Therefore, there are no out of pocket expenses incurred. Free education is highly unheard of these days!

I heard about Career Step through another military spouse who is completing a Bachelor’s degree as well as completing a Career Step program. I chose to complete the Pharmacy Technician Program because it is definitely something in high demand and I can take this no matter where we are stationed. I am currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration so this will definitely compliment my resume. During summer break next year I will also be completing a Medical Administrative Assistant program through Career Step.

I am part of several military spouse groups on Facebook so whenever someone is inquiring about college, I always respond with my experience using the MYCAA funding through Career Step. I offer to answer any questions they might have about the application process as well as any questions about the programs offered by Career Step. I give them the phone number to the advisers I have worked with. To my pleasant surprise, several of my friends have enrolled, completed programs, and have gotten successful careers with their Career Step education!  My Career Step experience has been so very rewarding.

Good luck to all!

- Ashley Reffey

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  1. Tammie Daniels-Hare October 17, 2012

    I am a military spouse and would love it if you would email me some information about any options on on-line classes. Thanks so much.

  2. taniavano October 17, 2012

    Hi Tammie,

    Thank you for your interest in Career Step. I will have one of our Enrollment Advisers contact you with more information about the courses that Career Step offers.

    Tania Van Orden

  3. xcutiekidx October 29, 2012

    I would like more information as well please. smile

  4. Heather Chadwick October 30, 2012

    My name is Heather Chadwick. I am a military spouse of 15 years. I am currently working on my PhD and my dissertation topic is Military Spouses and degree completion at higher education institutions. Please contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to arrange a phone conversation about military spouses and higher Ed.
    Thank you,

  5. taniavano November 01, 2012

    Hi xcutiekidx,

    I will have one of our Enrollment Advisers contact you as well with more information. Thanks for your interest in Career Step!

    Tania Van Orden

  6. taniavano November 01, 2012

    Hi Heather,

    I will have Tim Reynolds, our military liaison, contact you to discuss military spouses and higher education. Thanks for thinking of us for your dissertation!

    Tania Van Orden

  7. Amanda November 04, 2012

    I am also interested in the Career Step program, could you please email some more information.  I am a Navy wife.

  8. Rachael November 05, 2012

    My husband is active duty with the Navy, currently deployed. I am a graduate student working towards a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Is there anything out there that could assist me in financing my education? Thank you!

  9. taniavano November 05, 2012


    I will have one of our Enrollment Advisers email you today with more information. Thanks for your interest in Career Step!

    Tania Van Orden

  10. taniavano November 05, 2012

    Hi Rachael,

    As a school we specialize in career-focused certificate programs, so we don’t have any first-hand experience with funding programs available for graduate level education. However, I would recommend that you contact Miltary OneSource at 1-800-342-9647 or on their website (,UT,LG,CID,TID:ArmyActive,Member,EN,, as they may have suggestions for you. They are specifically available to help military spouses navigate education and career options. Hope that helps and best of luck!

    Tania Van Orden

  11. Sumemr May 25, 2013

    Can I get more information about this program? I’ve been a little stressed about finishing my degree while my husband is enlisted.

  12. taniavano May 28, 2013

    Hi Summer,

    I will have one of our MyCAA Academic Advisors email you today with more information. Thanks for your interest in Career Step!

    Tania Van Orden



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