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Lauren Robinson
As a military spouse, moving from place to place is a normal part of life and hectic schedules are common nature.  I love the ability to share the opportunity with other wives who can pursue online courses with Career Step at their own pace and truly have quality education! It is wonderful to have all these courses approved for MyCAA funding! It helps so many spouses who would not otherwise be able to afford funding, to enroll and start on an exciting career! I also branch out to others who are not military, or who may not qualify for funding and give them information regarding any current promotions that they can take advantage of at the current time.

Word of mouth goes a long way when you have good news to share and I put that to use as much as possible. I also take advantage of online groups, forums and sites to spread the word! Many are free-and it’s a great tool to pass along information to a large number of people that you might not otherwise have the pleasure of speaking with. I make sure to double, even triple check, everything I post to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date. Rather than simply passing along my website, I offer forms of contact for anyone I do not know on a personal level yet, to get in touch with me and ask any questions that they may have. I like to make sure anyone that is interested gets accurate information and that I am as helpful as possible to them.  I have a separate e-mail specifically for Career Step referrals and I also do follow up e-mails just to make sure they were able to get enrolled successfully and that they received all needed information.

In a nutshell, I think going the extra mile for potential students is key! Education is a big step, and the opportunity to be a part of helping someone get started is exciting to me! When you have good news, it’s easy to share and that’s a big part of why I love being a part of the Referral Program!

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  1. Doralynn Kennedy February 01, 2013

    Being a military spouse must be difficult and rewarding all at the same time. I was in the Army, and I know what kinds of challenges families face.

    Career Step does a lot of good work for military families, which is just one more reason I love CS so much. And, of course, the MyCAA funding makes it even better!



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