Spring Resource Round-up: Watch Your Referrals Grow with New Resources

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Referral Resource Roundup

Spring always brings new beginnings. Of course, we want to help you help others begin their journey toward a new career! Since we are in the business of helping people, and we know you are too, we’ve put together a whole list of materials to help you get referrals—and that extra $500 for those first 5 referrals of 2014!

If you’re looking for even more ideas, it won’t hurt to check out our Winter Referral Resource Round-up back in January. 

1. New Infographics and Videos
Your official Career Step webpage should always be your #1 resource for referrals. Directing interested contacts to your referrer webpage ensures you receive credit for them when they enroll. This page also gives them access to all of our newest resources—like infographics, videos, and blog posts.

Our media library is becoming quite brilliant (if we do say so ourselves). Over the past few months, we’ve added infographics about careers as a pharmacy technician or in electronic health records. We also added infographic videos to the blog posts about our certificate and medical coding and billing infographics.

It’s easy to share these with your contacts. Just click on the Media Library tab from your referrer webpage and then select the resource you want to share. The infographics and videos are all great resources to share through social media channels like Facebook.

2. Bi-weekly Ideas for Facebook
Speaking of Facebook… You may have thought about sharing info about some of our programs with your Facebook friends. To make it easier than ever we’re now posting ideas for how to share Career Step with friends on Facebook, complete with images and post text you’re welcome to use, every other week.

These bi-weekly posts make it easy to share by giving you topics to share with friends; for example, the medical transcription video or our career finder quiz. You’ll also find an image example you can include with your post as well as the web address to include. Most importantly, it tells you how to include your referrer ID so you will get credit for any referrals.

3. A Day in the Life of a Coder Video
Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a medical coder? Or, even more importantly, have you ever wished for a way to show one of your contacts what it’s really like? Show them our video. We recently went out and followed a graduate of our coding program. (Don’t worry, we had his permission.) We created this video to let people see what an average day for a coder looks like. What do they do? Who do they spend time with? How did they get that job? What knowledge and skills do they use day in and day out. We wanted to show how our Medical Coding and Billing program can help students build the career and life they’ve dreamed of. We provide the tools and curriculum; all they need is the motivation and hard work.

4. Top 5 Reasons Campaign: EHR
A while ago we published our Top 5 series. This series was intended to help you become more familiar with all of the Career Step programs by giving the top 5 reasons why students should choose a particular Career Step program. We’ve recently added to our Top 5 series with a post on our Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR program (which was just renamed—it was originally released as the Electronic Health Records Office Professional program). Just some of the things this post covers are:

  • The NHA-approved curriculum
  • The hands-on experience with industry-approved ezEMRx software
  • Vouchers to take the CMAA and CEHRS certification exams

We won’t go into too much detail here, but be sure to check out the Top 5 series to learn more about all of our programs so you can help your contacts understand what makes our programs stand out. 

5. Using the Demo Link
Let’s say you have some friends looking to pursue additional education. However, it’s easy to be reluctant because it’s not like they can go test drive the curriculum like they could a car. Or can they?

Enter the course demo!

This valuable tool allows your contacts to actually try out some of Career Step’s programs, discover many of the course features, and explore our curriculum. We know this is a successful way of getting referrals because we’ve heard it from you! Adding the course demo link to your referral page is easy and you will receive credit when any of your contacts enroll.

6. Subscribe to Our Blog via Email

We’re really excited about this feature! Now you can always know what we are up to—or at least what we are doing on the blog. Subscribing to the Career Step blog makes it easy to stay up to date on all the cool new features, stories, or resources that are added to our site. By subscribing, you won’t have to wait for our monthly email about what’s new on the blog.

It’s easy to subscribe: simply click the “Subscribe to Email Updates” box on the right side of the screen (yes, this screen, right now). You can select which category you’d like to follow. If you want, you can even select “All Career Step Posts” to get news about everything Career Step—which is the best way to stalk us.

We want you to be successful with your participation in the Referral program, which is why we’re always creating more resources for you. Are there resources we’re missing that you’d like us to add? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you need!




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