Winter Resource Round-up: Starting Off the New Year with New Resources

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Referral Resource Roundup

In the hope that you’ve resolved to make 2014 your big year in terms of Career Step referrals (after all, you will get an extra $500 for those first 5 referrals!), we’ve put together a quick recap of all the new resources we saw in the past few months.

(And never underestimate the value of past Resource Round-up posts if you’re looking for ideas. Find them here: September 2013, April 2013, and December 2013. Our Referral Handbook: Go-To Success Strategies post is another great place to check too.)

So let’s dive right in…

1. New Infographics and Videos
We always talk about how your referrer webpage is the most important resource for you as a referrer—and we’re not changing our tune anytime soon. If you want to make sure you’re receiving credit for all of your referrals, point them to your webpage. This will make sure they’re marked with your information in our system AND give them access to all of our newest resources—like the infographics and animated videos we’ve released in the last couple months!

We’re building quite the library of infographics (if we do say so ourselves). We have medical coding and billing, back to school, medical transcription, MyCAA, and certificate program  ones now, and we’ve also started turning some of them into short animated videos to make them even easier to share (check out our medical transcription and MyCAA  videos). If you want to share them with your contacts, just click on the Media Library tab from your referrer webpage and then select the resource you want to share. Navigating to these resources this way ensures your friends and family will get back to your webpage and you’ll receive the credit.

2. Medical Transcription Industry Videos
There a lot of buzz around the current state of the medical transcription industry so we conducted a panel discussion and interviewed several employers and representatives from the leading industry organization (the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, or AHDI) at the industry’s annual conference this past summer. We now have a whole library of videos that feature these employers and experts talking about what the MT industry really looks like. (Hint: none of them said it was a dying industry. In fact the words “shortage of qualified professionals” were thrown around.)

Again, the best way to use these videos if your referral efforts is to access them through the Media Library tab on your referrer webpage.

If you’re looking for additional resources and information on the true state of the medical transcription industry, you should also check out the Medical Transcription (MT) Employment | Job Opportunities and Does Voice Recognition Software Mean the End of Transcriptionists?  posts. These posts were written by our Graduate Support advisors and address issues such as outsourcing, layoffs, and voice recognition software.

3. Business Cards
Many of you had been asking for Career Step referrer business cards for quite some time, so we were really excited to release our referrer business card template. The template is a Word document formatted for Avery business card paper (or you can just print on cardstock and cut them), so all of the information is completely customizable. If you’ve forgotten any of your referrer information, just shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to look it up for you.

4. New Program
And we can’t forget about our new Electronic Health Records Office Professional program! This is a 6-month course that prepares students to work with the electronic health record (EHR) software many healthcare facilities are adopting. EHR office professionals are the specialized administrative personnel who have the training needed to work with this new software. This new course is $2,395 and, like all of our programs, is approved for MyCAA funding.

5. Referral Dashboard
While the Referral Dashboard isn’t a new resource, it is a great tool if you want to keep a close eye on how your referrer efforts are playing out. The dashboard lets you see any prospective students tied to your referrer ID as well as who has enrolled. Check it out and get your account set up today!

So there you have it—a full recap of everything that’s been keeping us busy for the last few months! What would you like to see in 2014?



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