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PTCE or the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam is a credential you need to earn after you finish your pharmacy technician course. There is a lot of information to learn to be well prepared to take the PTCE! You won’t have everything memorized your first time through the modules—you are learning information that you’ll need to study throughout the course, all the way up until the very day you take the PTCE. There is so much to learn that it would be nearly impossible to memorize it all. However, you can memorize enough, so that you can deduce correct answers and information from what you do know to make educated guesses if you’re not 100% sure about something.

Top 200 Drug List Memorization Tip!
Don’t try to memorize all of the drug names before moving on. I recommend working on 20 or so drug names every week. Review them for 20-30 minutes each day, and you will be able to remember most of them by the end of the week. Then move on to 20 more. It’s good to go back for about 5 minutes each day and review the previous 20, and on and on until you build up your memory.

As long as you spend a short amount of time each day reviewing the top drugs, you will have a lot of them memorized by the time the PTCE comes around.

Tricks to Memorization
First of all, trust the good old standby—FLASH CARDS.  When memorizing terminology, flash cards are one of the best tools. They are a great way to test yourself. You can make a pile of YES’s and NO’s. You’ve mastered the ones in your yes pile and the ones in your no pile you will need to spend some more time studying. This is like a pre-test to see how well prepared you are for the exam.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!  You have heard the saying “The KEY to memorization is REPETITION.”  One way to accomplish this is by writing and rewriting a word you are trying to memorize, along with the definition, over and over again until the term is learned. Write the term and definition 10 times in a row. Remember to say what you are writing out loud. Do several in a row then go back and test yourself, repeating until you have the terms memorized.

AUDIO and VISUAL. Make poster boards of the information you would like to learn. Put the poster on your wall and read it as you are getting ready in the morning or exercising. Pick up a cheap voice recorder and input the information on the recorder. When you get a few minutes, listen to the material you need to learn. This is great to use when you are driving!

Start Early
The earlier you start preparing for the PTCE, the more time you have to memorize. It is very hard to memorize something the day before a test. Preparation is also key to memorization. Prepare for your test on the first day of your course work and you will set yourself up to succeed and successfully pass the PTCE.

Career Step’s pharmacy technician course is the ideal launch pad for you to prepare for the PTCE. We even offer a free exam voucher worth $129 so you can sit for your pharmacy technician certification online without having to wait to arrange for funds. Call us now for more info!

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  1. trenice robinson April 15, 2014

    thank you for the helpful tips.  They are especially useful to an old gal like me who hasn’t seen a classroom for a while.

  2. whitney bell January 11, 2015

    I am starting a vocational class in a week. The pharmacy tech course is only one month long ! I have to memorize thee 200 drugs in a minth . :/ help!

  3. Career Step January 12, 2015

    Hi Whitney,

    Good luck in your course! We do have a few other blog posts that talk about different memorization tips and tricks. You may want to check them out for a few more ideas…

    Pharmacology and the Final Exam -

    Coming to Terms -

    Best wishes!

  4. pankaj harkal June 18, 2016

    Thanks sir, for ur this good information.It will help to me to memorize any things.



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