Pharmacy Technician: Inventory Specialist

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Every pharmacy must maintain records of drugs and other supplies and merchandise purchased and sold in order to know when to reorder and adjust the inventory levels of each item.

Keeping up with your medication stock!
Most pharmacies have a computerized inventory software program, and when an item is sold, the software adjusts the inventory record automatically. In some smaller pharmacies they may keep record in a book to determine when products need to be reordered. We, as pharmacy technicians, have to develop a good sense of how fast products move off the shelves. The drugs have a minimum level, an inventory range. When this level is reached, then the products will need to be purchased to restock the supplies.

Not only will the pharmacy be ordering prescription drugs, but as a pharmacy technician you may also be responsible for ordering stock supplies. For example: bottles, labels, paper supplies, measuring devices, etc. 

Move to the Front!
Once a delivery has been received and verified, the drugs must be properly stored. Stock on the shelves should be rotated so that the most recent inventory is not used first. This way you will not have older medication expiring and thus costing the pharmacy money. While you are restocking, you should also check to see if the medication will be expiring soon. 

For some drugs, refrigeration or even freezing may be necessary. Make sure medications that need to be stored in the fridge are done so in a timely manner so they do not go bad due to exposure to warmer temperatures. 

Understanding how inventory is purchased and stocked will make you an asset to the pharmacy team.



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