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Medical Billing and Coding Salary Range and Pay Scale

A career as a medical biller and coder is highly rewarding due to a fast-growing healthcare industry. This career not only offers a good paying job but a measure of security against recession. As in any industry, medical billing and coding pay information varies depending on the source. There are 3 primary sources Career Step recommends using for medical biller and coder salary information:

  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – The Department of Labor’s official data reporting agency states that Medical Records and Health Information Technicians (the category that includes medical coding and billing professionals as well as a number of other clerical positions) earn an average of $40,430 a year.
  • The American Academy of Professional Coders – This organization is one of the two largest medical coding and billing industry associations. Their 2015 Medical Coding Salary Survey reported that the average salary for medical coding specialists who hold 1 credential in 2015 was $46,899.
  • The American Health Information Management Association – This is the largest industry organization in the medical coding and billing space, and the AHIMA 2012 Salary Study reports average salaries by certifications. The survey states that the average certified medical coder salary for professionals holding the CCA certification (which Career Step graduates are prepared for upon graduation) is $40,930 a year.

Of these 3 sources, the AHIMA-reported average medical coder salary of $40,930 is likely closest to what entry-level Career Step graduates can expect to earn starting out. The average medical coding and billing salary reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics includes salaries for a number of other positions, and the average medical coding salary reported by the AAPC survey includes the earnings of more experienced coders.

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