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Career Step, a leading online education company, has been offering quality vocational training for nearly 20 years. Over 100,000 students have trained through Career Step's online programs, which are designed to quickly prepare students for rewarding careers.

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  • Choosing a career as a military spouse can be especially challenging. Find out what 3 considerations can increase your chances of career satisfaction later on!

  • Check out this video for a quick and easy medical transcription industry overview. Find out why there’s a shortage of well-trained professionals and how you can start your career.

  • A certificate program is a quick, affordable way to learn job skills that can make the difference between wishing you could get a new job and starting a rewarding new career.

  • Find out if you’re eligible for a $4,000 military spouse scholarship.

  • Learn how to be a great study buddy—whether you’re studying online or on-campus! Our infographic will also give you tips on how to choose the perfect study buddy.

  • Make an online program work for you! Check out our 5 student-tested study tips for staying motivated and productive as an online student.

  • Check out our new infographic!
    Medical Transcription Infographic
    Are MTs Still Needed?

    Get the facts on the medical transcription industry in our infographic! Find out what industry demand looks like, where MTs work, and what you can expect to earn.

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    Career Step student Katherine describes her experience with the online school as she studies to be a medical coding and billing professional. -Katherine Watch Video »
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    Career Step graduate, Dana, describes her experience with the online school as she chose to study with Career Step as a medical transcriptionist. -Dana Watch Video »
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    Career Step graduate, Iris, describes her experience with the online school as she chose to study with Career Step as a pharmacy technician. -Iris Watch Video »
  • "I really enjoyed completing the Career Step training. I'm proud that I can look back and say that I finished the program after all it took for me to get to the end. (My husband is in the military and we moved halfway through my training.) I look forward to settling down (we recently moved again!) and . . . finding a position in the field that fits my life." -Charlene, Nebraska Read More Reviews »
  • "Overall, I was very pleased with everything that Career Step had to offer. I was attracted to Career Step because I am a military spouse, and I was looking for a new career that would be easy to transfer, as my family transfers from one base to another. . . . As a new graduate, I look forward to all the new opportunities that Career Step has opened up to me." -Elizabeth, Louisiana Read More Reviews »
  • "I'm a military spouse and Career Step changed my life—thank you! It's wonderful to be able to stay with ONE job and ONE employer even though we move every 2 years or so." -Heidi, Maryland Read More Reviews »
  • "As an Air Force wife, I hope that many other military spouses take advantage of the opportunity to get such great career training through Career Step!" -Bryn, Ohio Read More Reviews »
  • "Career Step gave me the training I needed to confidently begin a new career . . . Within a month of graduation I was hired and feel that every day I have used the knowledge gained from Career Step. Thanks for an excellent course!" -Neilia, Fort Riley Read More Reviews »

Career Step students enjoy :

  • Short training periods – Be career ready in as little as 4 months!
  • Convenient online training – Enjoy 24/7 access to all program materials and study at your own pace.
  • Expert-created, real-world curriculum – Study materials developed by industry experts and designed to prepare you for the workplace.
  • Job search assistance – Career Step offers guidance on career opportunities after graduation.

Career Step has a solid record of providing quality training and continues to develop and refine its innovative online training programs. These programs offer:

  • Preparation for rapidly growing fields—the U.S. Department of Labor expects that these career fields will collectively generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the next few years.
  • A much quicker transition to the workforce than with traditional higher education programs.

With Career Step, students have the opportunity to successfully prepare for rewarding careers in growing industries, while employers have a key resource to quickly find quality employees.