“Career Step honestly made it really easy for me . . . I love what I do, and I hope to do it for a very long time.”
- Eva C., Career Step learner

Why Career Step?

25 Years

Career Step has been training individuals for new, rewarding, careers since 1992.


We've trained over 140,000 people for new careers in healthcare, administration, and technology.

“When I enrolled, I did not know I would be making the best professional decision of my life. . . Within 3 weeks of graduation, I had 4 job offers. I took a great job with an amazing company and get up every morning excited to go to work.”

–Kathia, Pennsylvania

RCM Health Care Services

Career Step has partnered with RCM Health Care Services to give our learners more job opportunities than ever before.

RCM is a premier provider of staffing solutions for over 400 healthcare institutions, placing more than 72,000 healthcare professionals in both remote and traditional new jobs across the nation. They intend to employ Career Step learners, specifically those trained for careers related to health information management.

With healthcare growing faster than any other industry – 2.4 million new job openings are expected by 2026 – healthcare organizations are looking for qualified professionals to fill their openings. RCM Health Care Services will match Career Step learners with careers suited to their training. This partnership between RCM and Career Step speaks volumes to the quality of Career Step's training and the confidence you can have in your preparation for the workforce upon completing your training.

*Conditions apply.