2014 Fall Referral Resource Round-Up

Referral Resource Roundup

Fall is in the air, and instead of leaves we’ve been gathering up resources just for you! Below are the resources we’ve added since our Summer Round-up. And don’t forget that it’s not too late to get this year’s extra $500 referral bonus!

1. Program Spotlights
We’ve added 3 more program spotlights to the blog: Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR, and Computer Technician. These spotlights provide quick facts about our programs you can use when talking to friends and family who might be interested in a starting a new career.

2. New Study Buddy Infographic
Our new Study Buddy Infographic is the perfect way to increase your referrals! It shows how having a study buddy can help you stay motivated and do better in school. Share it with your contacts today!

3. Info Session Videos
We are really excited about these new videos! Each video provides a quick explanation of the industry and job function as well as why to consider Career Step’s course. We also have one that introduces Career Step and what makes our training different. These are perfect to share with your friends and family and post to social media!

We’re also working on finalizing our Executive Assistant and Computer Technician videos—so look for those coming soon!

4. Facebook Ideas
And speaking of social media, we continue to add additional ideas on how to increase your referrals using Facebook. Below are the latest in our series of Facebooking for Referrals posts.

5. Ebooks
Last but not least, we’ve added ebooks to our courses. While technically this is not a “referral resource” we want to remind you about it because it is a great selling point when talking to your friends and family about our programs. The ebooks provide:

  • Up-to-date content
  • Collaboration tools
  • Embedded notes and highlighting
  • Audio reader option
  • Accessibility from any computer or device

If you need additional ideas on how to get more referrals, check out some of our previous Resource Round-Ups: Summer 2014 and Spring 2014. If there are resources you’d like us to add, please leave a comment below to let us know what’s missing!

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