4 Cleaning Hacks for Working Moms

Cleaning Hacks for Working Moms

As a working mom, you’re pulling double-duty as a mother and career woman. But you come home to spend more time with your kids, not play maid all day long! These cleaning hacks for working moms will get you back at work or play in no time.

Speedy Cleaning Hacks for Working Moms

Clean the Shower While You Shower

Keep a soap dispensing dishwashing scrubber filled with half distilled white vinegar and half blue Dawn soap. Look for a scrubber that has a hole you can use to hang on a hook for easy access. While you’re letting your hair conditioner set, do a quick wipe down of your shower. Since there are no harsh chemicals in this homemade cleaner it’s safe to use every time you shower and isn’t too harsh for skin.

Skip Scrubbing the Microwave

The microwave is often a busy mom’s best friend, which means splatters often accumulate and dry inside your microwave before you have time to wash it again, and no matter how many times you beg your family to please wipe it down. Fill a glass with one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar, then place it in the microwave for five minutes. All that crusty dried pizza sauce will wipe right off. For tougher stains, use more vinegar. You can also squeeze a little lemon or other citrus fruit into the liquid to freshen your kitchen.

Soak Before You Scrub

Inevitably, you’re going to find yourself with a sink full of dishes with dried on food. Don’t jump straight to scraping and scrubbing. There is almost nothing that won’t come right off with a good 15-30 minute soak with hot water and a touch of dish soap.

Keep Cup Holders Cracker Free

Kids keep stashing crushed up snacks in your minivan cup holders? Place large silicon muffin cups inside your cup holders to catch debris. It’s much easier to take out and rinse a muffin cup than to try and scrub out the crevices of your cup holders.


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