5 Careers That Are Well Suited To the Military Lifestyle

The life of a military family is seldom an easy one. Change is an almost constant factor; at almost any time, a sudden transfer may call on a family to abruptly pull up stakes and leave everything they know behind. The dizzying pace of modern life does little to ease these transitions and can often leave military spouses feeling bereft of control or the ability to have a meaningful, stable career.

Fortunately, with the advent of the digital age, business has become an inherently portable prospect, and even when you’re on the move there are many careers that can provide stability, happiness, and satisfaction to military spouses. Here are 5 portable career choices that are uniquely suited to the military lifestyle.

1. Fitness Training
One of the many frustrations encountered by a military spouse searching for a career is the difficulty of acquiring needed credentials. Many careers require years of training in order to receive certification, but fitness training requires very little initial investment and can offer excellent returns. In fact, fitness training is a very popular choice amongst military spouses and families looking for an opportunity to help others and enjoy a secure, reliable occupation. Experts in personal fitness might enjoy work as yoga instructors, personal trainers, and even dance instructors or massage therapists. The possibilities are endless! Fitness training can easily make for a lasting and fulfilling career, no matter where a family is stationed.

2. Online Business
In the past, starting a business to sell a specialized or homemade product was a daunting task. Prospective vendors had to either make deals with larger chains to carry their work or settle for peddling their wares in a smaller, less professional environment. Fortunately, the internet has fostered the growth of an innumerable number of private enterprises, each one able to cater to the exact demographic their product appeals to. Websites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon allow users worldwide to set up online stores to buy and sell their own unique products. Anyone who is passionate about their craft—be it knitting, stitching, painting, or handmade crafts—can easily take advantage of these platforms to run a simple, but economic, business with a worldwide customer base and limitless potential.

3. Teaching
Without a doubt, the ability to teach is one of the most valuable and at once portable career choices for a military spouse. No matter your expertise, there are always opportunities available for tutoring, online coaching, translation services, or even administering private lessons. Knowing how to play an instrument or speak another language can open up any number of opportunities for a military spouse. However, those who consider pursuing a career in education should remember that some states may require special certifications or educational backgrounds in order to teach. It’s always a good idea to check with the state board; just to be sure.

4. Makeup Artist
No matter where they’re from or what they do for a living, people always want to look their best. Thus, knowing makeup and how to apply it properly can be a huge asset when considering possible career options. Whether your specialty is knowing what makeup looks good on camera or what hairstyle looks best at a job interview, there are always opportunities for a talented makeup artist to shine. Salons, specialty stores, and advertisers all rely on talented individuals to make sure their work always looks its best. What’s more, these industries are almost omnipresent; they’re available nearly everywhere! Anyone with a knowledge of beauty and makeup should consider working as a freelance makeup artist.

5. Medical Transcriptionist
As an important part of the healthcare field, medical transcription is one of the most portable and valuable career options suited to the military lifestyle. Doctors, physicians, and other healthcare professionals rely heavily on the services provided by medical transcriptionists in order to keep their practices running smoothly and efficiently. In fact, medical transcriptionists are in such demand that MyCAA offers financial assistance for eligible military spouses training for medical transcription and other portable careers.

The MyCAA program offers $4,000 of assistance for eligible military spouses to cover training, certification, and even Associate degrees through MyCAA-approved schools. MyCAA approval is granted to programs that prepare students for employment in fields that are practical and portable, allowing military spouses to do meaningful work no matter where they are. Career Step is one of the nation’s most reputable MyCAA-approved online schools and is a popular choice among military spouses across the country.

Frequent moves are never easy. But being a military spouse doesn’t have to mean surrendering your dreams of having a successful and fulfilling career. These options are an excellent starting place for those seeking rewarding work. No matter where you’re stationed, these suggestions can ensure that you have the opportunity to achieve your dream of having a successful career!

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