5 Great Things about MyCAA Military Spouse Scholarships

military coupleThe MyCAA education funding program is one way the Department of Defense is trying to make career training for military spouses simple and affordable.

MyCAA is a military spouse scholarship that provides $4,000 in financial aid for an education leading to a recognized license, certification, or associates degree from a MyCAA-accredited school. The goal of this funding is to expand portable career opportunities for military spouses and may be exactly what you need to start a successful career path. As a career school that offers MyCAA-approved training, here are 5 great things about the MyCAA program we think you should know.

1. A variety of career options
There is a wide spread of MyCAA-approved career options to choose from, giving you lots of options as you’re choosing a career that fits your lifestyle and interests. Potential careers include everything from healthcare fields like pharmacy technician, medical coding, and medical transcription to animal services, construction, cosmetology, journalism, translation, and more.

2. Online MyCAA-approved schools
Online programs are ideal for military spouse education because of the flexibility they provide. Often these courses can be completed in as little as a few months to over the course of a year or two. Be sure to choose a reputable, industry-certified program from a MyCAA-approved school in order to get the quality training you need to be successful.

A great example of a good program is Career Step’s affordable MyCAA-approved, online training program in medical coding and billing. It can be completed in as little as 4 months, and once you have completed the step-by-step medical coding course, you will have everything you need to become industry certified and start a successful career.

3. Non-taxable funding
Since MyCAA funding is a scholarship provided to military spouses, it is non-taxable. The financial perks don’t stop there; military spouses who receive this funding may also apply for additional federal educational loans to help pay for the program they’re interested in.

4. Short waiting period and approval time
Once you decide on your training program and career of choice and submit your application, it generally only takes about 2 weeks to get approved. After approval is granted, the funds are transferred to your chosen school, making the entire process simple, quick, and hassle-free for you.

5. Career counseling
After you have finished your MyCAA-funded training program, you can receive career counseling from specialists available through Military OneSource, the organization that oversees the MyCAA program. These counselors can help you make the most of your education and give you tips and advice for your job search and career advancement.

So if you are eligible for military spouse education funding, it’s time to take advantage of this scholarship and invest in your future. Visit the MyCAA Spouse Portal to get started on your education today!

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