5 Reasons to Jumpstart a New Career with MyCAA

Military CoupleFor many military wives and husbands, the MyCAA financial aid program is a magic potion for jumpstarting a career. Yet despite offering $4,000 for career training for military spouses, the initiative is massively underused.

Debating going back to school or wanting a new career path? Don’t miss out! Here are 5 great reasons to go back to school using MyCAA. 

1. Free money! – The MyCAA program gives you up to $4,000 in tuition for a licensure, certificate, or associate degree program in a “portable” (easily transferable) field. Also, since it’s a scholarship, the funding isn’t taxed.
2. Painless application – The application process for MyCAA scholarships is quick and easy: once you’ve chosen a school/program, create an account on the MyCAA website. Approval typically takes 2 weeks, and funds are released directly to the school of choice—talk about convenient.
3.Hundreds of options – Candidates must train at MyCAA-approved schools, but there are hundreds of approved schools offering career training for military spouses all over the country and online, like Career Step. The MyCAA website even lists all approved schools with portable programs.
4. Lifestyle-suited programs – Many MyCAA-approved schools even offer training programs that fit your military lifestyle—aka online, flexible programs. Wherever your spouse is stationed and whichever time zone you are in, you never have to worry about school schedules. Many online MyCAA-approved schools like Career Step also offer additional military spouse-specific career resources to ensure your success, such as advisors and job-finding helps.
5. A career in a jiff – With many MyCAA programs, you can complete your training and begin your career within a few short months. The scholarship can be applied to a 2-year program, but many certification programs, such as medical coding and billing, IT, and medical transcription, can be completed in less than 12 months.

If eligible for MyCAA funds, you could be in a new, rewarding career within the year, having not spent a cent on tuition. It’s fast and easy to take advantage of this program despite the uncertainties and demands of military life. Check out Career Steps’ list of portable career certification programs and get a taste of the magic potion today.

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