Boost Up the Corporate Ladder: Executive Assistant Certification

executive assistantCorporate offices aren’t often known for their geniality and sense of forgiving camaraderie. Such an environment can make it stressful to make yourself stand out among the competition, but taking your administrative career to the next level may be easier than you think. Give yourself a career boost up the corporate ladder by mastering essential business career skills with an executive assistant certification.

What is an executive assistant certification?

  • Lay foundational skills – An executive assistant certificate starts with basic computer skills and typing accuracy and speed, giving you a solid foundation to build on in the modern business world. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you move on to the meat of the course.
  • Master Microsoft Office – A general knowledge of Microsoft Office—Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint—is not enough nowadays. This software is the bread and butter of most administrative departments and a powerful weapon in your skill arsenal. By mastering these programs, you can save the company and yourself countless, precious hours and dollars—and employers know it.
  • Polish business and writing skills – Accurate grammar and punctuation and appropriate communication skills will set you apart. Learn the art of business writing, how to effectively and concisely communicate through letters, emails, presentations, and more. Since business skills aren’t limited to the written word, you should also become familiar with techniques for purchasing, managing supplies and equipment, scheduling, and planning events. Regardless of your position, these skills will improve your professionalism and employability.

What are the advantages of an executive assistant certification?

  • The WOW factor – These skills are extremely valuable in the administrative space, and frankly not many people have them, even those who may be above your pay scale. Advanced communication skills will make you stand out amongst your peers and catch the eye of your supervisor. Even better, your daily work will prove your effectiveness: no resume required.
  • Small investment for big payout – An executive assistant salary averages $37,000 a year. However, the more advanced your skills, the higher pay and better jobs you can earn. An administrative assistant certification is an inexpensive way to qualify you for that pay bump. For example, Career Step’s online executive assistant career program costs less than one paycheck and can be completed in less than 3 months.

An executive assistant certification will set you apart as an employee or job candidate, giving you the skills to boost your career to the next level.

Already have your executive assistant certification or working on one? What new professional skills have set you apart? Comment and let us know what has been the most valuable to your career!

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