A Message From Our CEO Regarding COVID-19

Dear Learners,

The past few weeks have been unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Like all of you, we’ve been closely monitoring the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We understand this is a time of heightened concern, and we hope you stay safe and healthy as the situation continues to unfold.

We also want to assure you that in many ways—aside from Social Distancing—things here at Carrus and CareerStep are still business as usual: 

We’re actively supporting current and potential Learners at 100% capacity. We’re still working to develop relevant coursework and healthcare training. And we’re still helping transform knowledge and training into enjoyable career paths.

Because there’s a significant gap—one that will continue to widen—between the number of jobs available in the healthcare industry and the number of people trained and certified to fill those positions. It’s a problem CareerStep has worked to solve for years, and one that COVID-19 will accelerate in the days and weeks and months to follow.

And, while circumstances surrounding the current state of the world are beyond our control, we’re reinforcing our pledge to do everything within our power to reverse this trend.

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps we’re taking to support you, the broader community, and all of Allied Health during this challenging time:

1. We don’t want anyone to fall behind in their training or miss out on a new career opportunity. Our training systems and technical infrastructure will continue to support remote work for both CareerStep employees and our Learners for the foreseeable future. 

2. In the midst of the current health crisis, we believe it’s important for everyone to have a strong grasp of infection prevention best practices. In partnership with 4Med Plus, we’re offering an accredited Certificate of Infection Control and Barrier Protection Proficiency (CICBP) course at no cost to the general public until April 30th. This course includes a COVID-19 Best Practices module. You can sign up for the course by clicking the link above.

3. Many Learners find themselves in a different financial situation today than they were in yesterday. But our country’s need for trained healthcare professionals hasn’t changed. To help more Learners progress in their courses and stay on track, we’re working with individuals who have been impacted to offer flexibility and new financial solutions to fit their specific needs.

We hope these steps will help contribute to increasing the number of professionals with the knowledge and training necessary to have a positive impact. Thank you for trusting us with your training, career growth, and livelihood. If you have any questions, reach out to one of our Career Advisors. We’re here to help.

Take care of yourself.


Misty Frost
CEO at Carrus

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21 thoughts on “A Message From Our CEO Regarding COVID-19

  1. Connie Martell says:

    I was interested in knowing how to get my payments lowered, Due to my husband is layed off till at least May? We are living on just my checks for now which is not much. Can you help me so I can get through my schooling? Thank You Connie

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      Connie, this is a great question and would be best answered by one of our Advisors. Please give us a call so we can find a solution for you. Best wishes!

    • Ruth fowler says:

      I need a break on these payments. you took the cash for my tuition and still ruined my credit before I could get started on the course. That is counter productive. Will I get a break during these pandemic conditions.
      I love the course but don’t think I can deal with you loan sharks and your late charges.

      • Tiffanee Gurney says:

        Ruth, we understand that the pandemic is causing some issues for our learners. We’re currently taking a look at these situations on a case by case basis. Please give us a call at 1-800-411-7073 so we can work with you on a solution.

        • Tiffanee Gurney says:

          Hi Janet. We responded to Ruth on April 27th. If you also have questions about the same topic we ask that you give us a call at 1-800-411-7073 so we can work with you on a resolution. We understand that the pandemic is causing some issues for our learners and we’re currently taking a look at these situations on a case by case basis. Have a great day!

  2. Cristina Figueroa says:

    They passed me gave me a chance to hold off
    On my extern then new managers wanna change contracts they just took my 12,000
    Promise to help me
    Threw the hard times and then new staffers says sent to the state to not give me my verification I have to start pay all over again MA before school 6 heats later

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      Cristina, we’d like to hear more about your situation. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience.

  3. Melissa says:

    Due to Covid-19 my childcare provider has closed so I am now home with my children while studying. Are there ways to push my deadline back? Thank you, Melissa

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      Thank you for asking Melissa. We’re looking at each situation on a case-by-case basis. Please give us a call!

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      Hello Wanda. We offer a variety of online career training programs in healthcare, administration, technology, and other continuing education programs. You can see a list of available programs here: https://www.careerstep.com/programs

      FTCC stands for Fayetteville Technical Community College. All active duty military service members, military veterans, and their spouses can save up to 90% on Career Step’s standard prices when they sign up through this academic partner.

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      If you have questions about an extension on your program please contact our team of Advisors at 1-800-411-7073.

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      Hi, Emily. Please contact our Advisors at 1-800-411-7073. They’ll be able to answers all questions about externships.

  4. Tierra Smith says:

    I was told when i signed up that i would get a call and explained how the program works . No one called and assistance me with anything and the company we make payments thru are not willing to help due to the corona virus and people being out of work. They still want money when you tell them your not working. I know there are programs out there that could be offered during this hard time. Very displeased with the program at this point.

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      Hi Tierra. We understand your frustration. Please reach out to our Student Support team at 1-888-657-5752. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have.

  5. LorIstene says:

    They are loan sharks indeed and very lacking on compassion. My husband had two heart attacks prior to COVID 19 I called in to explain what was going on in my life because Monterey Financial kept calling day and night. Even after I explained what was going on in my life with my daughter having to deal with graph versus host disease/cancer those people still messed up my credit and insisted on getting some type of payment. When COVID happened I was laid off early March so my company mailed me my last check; because I have an automatic payment set up they took my grocery money. I am behind on my classes but I will never pay a cent for an extension. I am going to work as hard as I can to catch up and when I complete this course I will never make the mistake to do another class with them not will I recommend them to anyone. When I asked the woman if they are not giving anyone a break like the Federal Student Aid people; she blatantly said no; they are not Federal Student Loan Lenders. What a shame. I hope the CEO and that woman will never experience sickness and hardship when life happens. We just won’t know when but life always is full of surprises some good and some detrimental. And there is a time when no matter how much money we have it can’t save us. We as humans should always remember that.

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      We’re sorry to hear that you feel this way. We’ll have someone reach out to you soon to gather more information.

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