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Over the years, many articles on the importance of, and the reasons for becoming nationally certified as a pharmacy technician have been written and posted on this blog:  your state might require it, certification proves your skills, certification improves your career prospects, and certification can mean a pay raise.  But did you ever stop and think that your certification or lack thereof might be important for the pharmacy in which you work?

On October 13, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) released the findings of a 2016 public perception survey, showing that 85% of the public believes it is very important for pharmacy technicians to be certified.  The public felt so strongly about certification that 76% said they would seek out a different pharmacy if they knew technicians working in their current pharmacy were not certified!

Stated Everett B. McAllister, PTCB Executive Director and CEO: “Consumers want to feel safe, especially when it comes to the health of their families.  If consumers find that technicians employed in their regular pharmacy are not certified, they say they will seek out another pharmacy where technicians are certified. This is a call to action for the pharmacy profession: The public expects to be safe, and demands that technicians who help prepare their medications have the right credentials. Consumers are focused on safety, and a competent workforce is critical to the safety of our patients.”

Want to know more? Check out the rest of the survey

Whether your state requires you to be certified or not, make the decision now that you are going to do it!  After all, more certified technicians in the pharmacy means more customer satisfaction and isn’t that what we’re striving for?  And, of course, more business for the pharmacy could result in some monetary advantages to you as well!

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