Back to the Basics

Back To The Basics
As summer winds down and the leaves begin to turn students of all ages head back to school.  Some of us may remember the process of preparing for school every year and what needed to occur on a daily basis to stay on top of school assignments.  Similar preparations and principles can be applied to make your online education a success.

Preparing for school each day was a process.  Completing homework the night before was necessary, as was preparing a lunch, remembering to pack gym clothes, overcoming the worry of forgetting locker combinations, and catching the bus on time were all necessary for me to have a smooth and successful day at school.

Thankfully some of the preparations such as packing a lunch or catching a bus may not be necessary if you are studying at home, but some of the following items and tips may be helpful to you as you dive back into the program or begin your studies for the first time. 

Securing a study space and a study time has proven to help students stay organized and focused.  It may be helpful to think that you have someplace to be and something to do when the bell rings.

Official due dates may not be part of your enrollment, but it is still important to keep yourself on task by setting goals.  The study planner tool may be used to help you set appropriate deadlines according to your time frame and schedule. 

If some of your “homework” comes back with red marks please don’t feel discouraged.  Learning is a process; if you don’t understand why your answers were incorrect please go back through the course content and contact student support.  We are here to assist in your education.

Remember recess and snack time. It’s important to take breaks every now and then. Take a short walk, or take a mental break by doing something you enjoy.

Back to school night- get to know your instructors and other students in the program.  Try using the forum and chat rooms to reach out and connect with others. 

Good luck with getting back to the basics.  I hope you remember how fun and exciting learning can be. 

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