Become a Part of One of the Fastest Growing Healthcare Careers

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the healthcare industry but felt you missed your chance at some point? Maybe you didn’t want to fork out thousands of dollars for school or maybe you were nervous about being in the clinical side of things. Either way, it’s not too late to have a healthcare career. Medical coding and billing is one of the fastest growing healthcare professions, and you can be ready for this career in just months while saving thousands on tuition

What you can expect as a medical coder
Medical coding specialists need to be trained in the latest code sets being used in the industry. This includes ICD-9 (and soon ICD-10), CPT, and HCPCS. It’s important to know these codes because as a coder, you will be reviewing patient records and assigning these standardized codes. These codes are assigned to all tests and procedures done at a healthcare facility so that insurance companies and patients can be billed.

Medical coders use medical terminology and understanding of medical concepts such as anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology every day. As a coder, you need to be able to understand all of these in order to do your job quickly and accurately.

What you can expect as a medical biller
As a medical biller, your role revolves around using the data provided by a medical coder. The coded data is used to prepare, compile, and submit claims to patients’ insurance companies and bill them for the healthcare services provided.

Having the right education helps ensure the billing is done correctly. You need to understand how insurance companies work, reimbursement methodologies, collection processes, and payment systems. Sometimes, medical billers are required to make collection calls or submit claims to collection agencies, and at smaller facilities the same person may cover all of the coding and billing responsibilities.

A growing field
Medical coding and billing is a great choice for a long-term healthcare career. An older population requires a more time and attention from healthcare professionals, and as the population continues to age, more services will be required of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The new Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act is also changing healthcare by allowing more people to use healthcare services more often by increasing the quality and affordability of insurance.  All of these changes will bring a greater need for qualified medical coders to make sure records are in the system and insurance claims are submitted.

Enrolling in a medical coding and billing program is the first step to starting a fulfilling career. If you’re already training or working as a coder, what is your advice for those considering this career? And if you think you would like to be a medical coder, visit today.

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