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As you prepare yourself to become an administrative assistant, it is important to explore different industries because, while many online job search tools will allow you to look up jobs under a generic title like “administrative assistant,” you’ll find that the job description of each is industry specific.  This doesn’t mean that you have to learn industry specific skills before you can succeed—it means that becoming familiar with the industries you want to work in will give you an edge when it comes time to find employment.

In future posts, I’m hoping to interview some administrative assistants who can tell us about how their daily responsibilities vary by industries, but for now, we’ll explore a few industries together to help you start getting an idea of where you’d like to work. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the areas you would need to be familiar with if you worked as an administrative assistant in a human resources office. This information will help you learn about the job description of an administrative assistant working in the human resources department.

The human resource department oversees all job vacancies, health and other benefits, hiring and terminating employees, and much more. Working in this type of office, you would want to be familiar with the subjects below.

Employee Benefits

  • Health benefits – If offered, these may provide employees with health, dental, and/or vision insurance for both the employee and any dependents.
  • Vacation, sick, and other paid time off – There are a few different categories an employer could reference when talking about time off.  Vacation time is allotted for vacations or other time-off requests.  Sick time can be used when an employee is sick or has an emergency.  Some employers may also offer birthday pay (allowing employees to take an extra day off around their birthday) or floating holidays (the company does not take off certain holidays but gives employees an extra day to take off at their discretion).

Dealing with confidential information

This is very important because, as a human resource administrative assistant, you will come in contact with employee files.  These files can contain privileged and confidential information that is not to be shared with other employees.  Sharing confidential information could put you at risk for termination.

Job posting sites

You are most likely fairly familiar with job posting sites.  These are a great resource for job seekers as well as employers, and if you work as an administrative assistant in a human resources department, you could be the one posting those positions! If you’re interested in working in human resources, it’s a good idea to become familiar with several of the different job posting sites out there.  Look at some job listings, and see how they are presented.  Which ones look more professional than others and why?  What sites get more traffic?  Even if the company you work for already has a site or two that they prefer, you may be able to offer suggestions on other possibilities.

Hopefully this information gave you an idea of the work you would be doing in an human resources office. What other industries would you be interested in reading about?

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