Begin a Successful Career Using MyCAA Funds

There are benefits that come with being a military spouse. You get to travel the country (sometimes the world) with your significant other, you become part of a proud and celebrated heritage, and you get to experience much of the same honor and glory that your uniformed partner receives.

As a military wife or husband, you enjoy many advantages. However, there are also specific challenges that come with being a military such as having a successful career, which can be difficult if you are frequently relocating with your spouse.

The military understands these challenges and wants to help you develop a career of your own. Educational benefits for service members, their spouses, and dependents are nothing new. There are many existing educational programs and benefits that members of the military and their families can use to complete their post-secondary education. Available programs like MyCAA—the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts program—have been put in place to help military spouses train for rewarding careers.

MyCAA: What’s different?
In case you’re wondering what’s different about the MyCAA program when compared with something like the Post-9/11 GI Bill, MyCAA is designed for and solely available for military spouses. There is no other educational benefit that focuses entirely on the wives/husbands of those who defend our country.

MyCAA funding works with institutions offering career-oriented training in some of the most in-demand/hiring fields. It’s an excellent resource if you want to pursue career training that can be completed in two years or less. Learn more about the eligibility requirements for MyCAA in our quick video or the MyCAA Fact Sheet.

MyCAA: What does it cover?
The MyCAA program is designed to help military spouses earn licenses, certifications, or associate degrees that lead to gainful employment in high demand portable fields.

Under the program, eligible military spouses may receive an educational benefit of $4,000 with a yearly cap of $2,000 to acquire the professional credentials they need to meet their portable career goals. If a MyCAA-approved program of choice requires an upfront tuition payment that exceeds $2,000, the annual cap can be waived, but the total educational benefit cannot exceed $4,000.

Financial assistance is not all that military spouses receive as part of the MyCAA program. They’re also provided employment counseling to identify other avenues of financial assistance, suitable career opportunities, and support structures. Those who successfully complete their programs of study using MyCAA funding receive employment assistance services as well.

MyCAA: What are my career choices?
Finding a military-friendly career that suits your interests and personality type is easier said than done, even with all the assistance at your disposal. If you’re looking to kick start your new career, MyCAA is a great tool for you. For advice on choosing a military-friendly career, check out our Finding the Perfect Military Spouse Career infographic.

Thanks to modern-day technology, there’s a whole range of careers that make great choices for military spouses, so you aren’t limited to only a few professions. Examples of portable careers include:

  • Healthcare Services
  • Computer Programming
  • Medical Transcription
  • Hospitality Management
  • Executive Assistance
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing
  • Real Estate
  • Teaching

There’s every reason for you to be proud of your partner for serving the country. You should find a career you’re proud of as well!

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