Benefits of Online Education: Unique Learning Environment

Benefits of Online EducationThis is the last post in our Top 10 Benefits of Online Education series! In addition to our first post with our our entire top 10 list, we’ve also talked about choice and savings, flexibility and convenience, instructor interaction and networking, and accelerated graduation and effective learning. Today we’re going to cover the benefits of the unique online learning environment as well as the perks of learning with new technologies.

Unique Learning Environments
Online education has a certain degree of anonymity that can help ease student fears. Students can think about their responses longer, respond when they feel comfortable, and the content doesn’t progress until they’re ready.

Back at the beginning of our series, we talked about how online education is particularly appealing to non-traditional students. These students are often a little older than the 18-22 year old college students we normally think of—which can make it really intimidating to go back to school and compete/keep up with all the “young hotshots.”

The online learning environment provides a unique situation that allows students to learn in the best possible way for them—without feeling like they need to keep up with or wait on others. Quick learners can progress swiftly through the material, and those who want or need to take their time can do so without worrying that anyone else is impatient for them to move forward. Good online programs are designed to ensure students thoroughly learn the material before moving on, and they’ll also provide instructor access to make sure every student has the support they need. The online learning environment gives students the opportunity to tailor their learning experiences exactly to their needs.

New and Exciting Technologies
It can cost a lot to update an entire college or university, but online institutions are built to incorporate the latest learning technologies, ensuring students learn with the most up-to-date information.

Even small colleges and universities can have hundreds of faculty and staff and thousands of students. Transitioning all of those people as well as on-campus facilities and resources to new technologies can be costly and time consuming. However, online institutions are built to be quick and agile when it comes to the latest learning technologies—they depend on these technologies to reach their students and provide positive learning experiences. This agility also allows online curriculum to be updated more easily, ensuring students are learning the most up-to-date information, and being a part of an online institution lets you be right on the edge of the future of education!

And that’s a wrap! That’s our entire series on the Top 10 Benefits of Education! What do you think? Did we miss any benefits of learning online? What was your reason for choosing an online program?

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