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Did you know that some of our most successful referrers are bloggers? Have you thought about using your blog, or even starting a blog, to help spread the word about Career Step’s great career training programs? If you are new to blogging, or just want a few tips on how to make your blog better, here are some best practices to help!

Make it Personal
People want to hear about you and your story. Tell them about your life, why you decided to go back to school with Career Step, and what starting a new career has done for you. For example:

After having a child I wanted to stay at home, but we couldn’t make ends meet on just one income. After much research, I decided becoming a medical transcriptionist was just what I needed!

Be Informative
Whenever you are writing, a good rule of thumb is to ask “Is this something people will care about?” Having this goal in mind will help you come up with a more engaging post. And it’s ok to share good and bad stories. Think of what you would have LOVED to have known before you started down your career path and share that with others. This is your opportunity to pay it forward!

Make it Conversational
Even if your posts are informative, they don’t have to be dry facts and figures. In fact, it’s better if your posts are more conversational. Write like you are sending an email to your friends and family because in some sense, that’s what you are doing! Just be careful to not share anything that you wouldn’t want strangers or your boss to read. Remember, once it goes on the internet it is there for everyone to read—FOREVER!

Use Engaging Titles
Your title needs to provide the reader a good idea of what to expect when they click on the post, and it MUST interest them enough to get them to click on it and read more. Some good formulas for engaging titles are:

  • The Argument / Take a Stand! – “If you hate your job, quit it. Today!”
  • Words of Wisdom – “How to work at home and care for your family”
  • The List – “The top 5 careers for busy moms”
  • Warnings – “Don’t pass up the opportunity to go back to school for free with MyCAA”

Make it Easy to Read
Posts should be a minimum of 200 words and ideally somewhere between 400-600 words. If you have a great idea for a blog post and it’s longer than that, you might want to consider making it a two-part blog post or even a weekly/monthly series.  Also, try to structure your posts so they are visually appealing and easier to read. Use short paragraphs, bullets or lists, and headers whenever possible.

Things to Remember
Now that you’re well on your way to becoming a savvy blogger, here are a few other things you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • Original Work – We all learned in elementary school that plagiarism is not cool. Make sure your writing is original. If you have quotes or other material you want to share from another website or blog, give credit to the source.
  • Multimedia – They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure to include any relevant images, videos or links in your posts.
  • Links – Internal linking makes your posts more valuable to readers and encourages them to stay on your blog. However, there’s a fine line with being overly promotional. Use them when it makes sense.

There you have it. You’ve completed your crash course in blogging, so get out there and try it out for yourself. If you are already using your blog to get more referrals, we’d love to hear from you too. Share your best tips or hints in the comments section below.

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