5 Facts to Get Straight About a Pharmacy Technician Career

pharmacy tech cashierIf you’ve ever considered a career as a pharmacy technician, there are a few things you need to know. Proper training and education are definitely key components to a successful pharmacy technician career, but there are also other factors to consider like future job growth, employment availability, and advancement opportunities. To help you decide is a pharmacy technician career is right for you, here are 5 important facts about this occupation.

Employment Opportunities
While it’s true that most pharmacy technicians are primarily employed by drugstores and grocery story pharmacies, those are by no means the only places you can find work as a pharmacy technician. The pharmacy technician career path can actually lead to work in a variety of settings such as hospitals ambulatory services, and even for government agencies like the Department of Defense.

Pharmacy technicians often work under the supervision of a pharmacist and will fulfill customers’ prescription orders, but that is by no means all that they are responsible for. Pharmacy technicians often interact with customers when they visit the pharmacy, collect patient information, process insurance claims, and take inventory of supplies. Many pharmacy technicians are also responsible for packaging and labeling prescriptions as well as measuring the proper amounts and dosages of medicines.

Increasing Demand
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts increased job growth of 20%, or over 70,000 new jobs, between 2012 and 2022 for pharmacy technicians. This predicted growth rate is actually faster than average seen among most careers, and it exceeds many of the other jobs within the healthcare industry.

Advancement Opportunities
Being a pharmacy technician is not a dead-end job either. A pharmacy tech’s career path can often expand into managerial or instructional roles. With a little bit of extra schooling, pharmacy technicians can even go on to become full-fledged pharmacists, nurses, or any number of other healthcare roles.

Valuable Experience
Pharmacy technicians have a wealth of knowledge that can benefit them in their everyday lives. Their understanding of pharmacology can give them greater understanding and control over their own and their family’s healthcare, and their understanding of insurance coverage and providers can also be invaluable. A pharmacy technician career is an excellent choice whether you’re using it as a stepping stone to another healthcare role or as a career in and of itself.

Pharmacy technician careers can be deeply satisfying and fulfilling. It is a job that gives you the chance to be a part of the healthcare industry and opens up a world of professional opportunities. If you’ve ever been interested in a career in pharmaceuticals or have been considering beginning a whole new career, don’t hesitate. Start your path to becoming a pharmacy technician today by enrolling in Career Step’s Pharmacy Technician training.

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