Referrer Spotlight: Tiffany Hale

Tiffany HalePrior to beginning my training with Career Step, I felt stuck. Although I had a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, it was a degree that I found to be useless unless I went on to get a Master’s degree. Most of my jobs in my lifetime had been dealing with child care in some way, and since that was what I had experience in, I had trouble finding any other type of job. I wanted to advance in a career, but had no idea where to turn. Due to personal struggles, I knew I couldn’t face another day of working with other people’s children. My husband suggested that I try out working from home as a medical transcriptionist. I was so scared to try something new, but after speaking with the Career Step representatives, I knew I had to get started with them right away. I absolutely loved the course and found that I could truly succeed in this new career, thanks to Career Step.

Ever since my Career Step graduation, I have not been able to stop telling people about my experience with Career Step. In the 2-1/2 years since my graduation, my husband and I have had 3 babies, and being able to work from home on my own schedule has been the biggest blessing for my family. I will often update my Facebook status describing how much I love my job and that it is all thanks to Career Step and so many people email me wanting more information. Career Step sells itself. You can’t ask for better training anywhere else! Don’t be afraid to share your story with others. You never know who is looking for that career change. Just share your experience and you too can get a lot of referrals!

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