Time is of the Essence

Time is limited! Learn how to prioritize your time as you're working toward your goal of being a Pharmacy Technician.
Time is of the utmost importance. Our time is limited; thus, we need to make the most of what time we have. Setting goals can help you better manage your time. Have a vision; see the “big picture.” In terms of your education, ask yourself, “Why did I decide to become a pharmacy technician?” Maybe you have always wanted to work in the medical field. Maybe you wanted to find a more fulfilling career. Or maybe you wanted to learn a new skill or needed to be challenged. Remember the ‘why,’ and then rededicate yourself to achieving that goal.

For a practical application, one of my personal goals is to exercise five days week. In order to accomplish this goal, I have to organize my time. For example, I know that I will not be able exercise after a long day at work. When I get home I’m tired, I need to spend time with my kids, I need to make dinner, and all of the many other things that seem to pop up in the evening. Thus, I decided to set a goal to wake up early in the morning and exercise then, as at this point, the only challenge is actually getting out of bed! It is much easier to overcome this one challenge than to try and overcome the variety of obstacles that present themselves in the evening. Besides, if I exercise in the morning, I don’t have to give it another thought throughout the rest of day! It is off of my to-do list and I can focus on other things. This is a very liberating thing for me and I love that I have accomplished my goal of exercising for the day.

This same idea can be applied to finding the time to study and work on the Pharmacy Technician course. There are many reasons it can be difficult to study. Like my exercise routine, you may choose to wake up earlier so that you don’t have to worry about studying for the rest of the day. Or, if you have little children who wake up throughout the night, it may be best for you to work on the course while they are taking a nap or having quiet time. For your situation, it may work best to wait until your spouse gets home from work and can take the kids in a while so that you can focus on your studies. Figure out what works best for you and what fits into your lifestyle and schedule. Put together a schedule, set some goals, and then stick to them! The work and sacrifice it takes to accomplish these goals will all be worthwhile when you complete the course.

Remember, everyone is different. What may work for one person may not work for you—and that is okay. Accomplishing your goals is all that matters. I challenge you to find what works best for you and then make it happen. While this will help you to be successful in completing the Pharmacy Technician program, you can also apply these practices to many other aspects of your life. Good time management is at the root of a successful day. Step up to the challenge by appropriately managing your most valuable commodity—time.

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