Advancing Your Career from Home with CareerStep Certifications

Posted on 07.14.2020

Get a head start with career training online

World events have placed society in a unique situation. More individuals are learning and working from home than ever before. You may have thought that your learning days were over when you entered the workforce, but career training is an important step that can set you apart from other job candidates and propel your upward mobility in your chosen field.

So, why not use the time working from home to learn from home, too?


Don’t have time to read the whole piece? No problem. Check out our key thoughts below:

  • Employees that take additional training courses have a 37% higher productivity rate and see a 21% increase in income.
  • Certifications programs can prepare learners for a new career path or accelerate their career advancement.
  • With CareerStep, you can learn new skills that help you start a new healthcare career and stay competitive in the workforce.

Embracing Lifelong Learning

Lifelong or continuous learning is a win-win for employees and employers. A recent study by IBM showed companies that encourage employees to take additional training courses have a 37% higher productivity rate and a 21% increase in income for each employee.

The fact is, knowledge fades over time, and new findings and best practices replace old protocols. That’s why certifications, recertifications, and continuing education are all available—and often required—for a variety of career paths.

Each time you complete new job training, you increase your knowledge retention and increase your value as an employee.

Certifications Accelerate Career Advancement

The Pew Research Center reports that 63% of U.S. workers have taken a professional class or training in the past year. Out of those workers, 65% reported their learnings expanded their professional network. Additionally, 47% say their training helped them advance in their current job, and 29% say it helped them find a new position at a different company.

Certifications are typically 6-month career training programs—or less—that can prepare learners for a new career path or accelerate their career advancement by qualifying them for advanced positions.

For example, a medical assistant could complete an online training program at home to become certified as a hemodialysis technician. This additional training would qualify them for higher-paying hemodialysis tech positions or make them a more versatile worker at their healthcare facility, potentially paving the way to managerial roles.

Get Started with CareerStep

With online learning programs, you can advance your career without leaving your home. These certifications can be achieved with the flexibility to study at the times that are convenient for you, allowing you to work around current job and personal obligations.

And, these programs are much more affordable than returning to school full-time. A small investment in your education can lead to big changes in your income and job satisfaction.

With CareerStep, you can learn new career skills that help you stay competitive in the workforce. Explore our course catalog, and get started on the road to career advancement today!