How to Get Back on Your Feet With CareerStep’s Online Certification

Posted on 10.23.2020

Discover the difference online certification can make

More than 20 million Americans have found themselves unemployed due to COVID-19. The virus has reached every corner of the job market, from retail and office jobs to hospitality and entertainment.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Mckinsey research estimates that 57 million U.S. jobs are at risk for layoffs in the near future.

If you’ve found yourself Googling job search tips and career tips, we’re here to help. Our online certification programs can get you back on your feet and back into the workforce.


Don’t have time to read the whole piece? No problem. Check out our key thoughts below:

  • Online learning provides flexible, self-paced options that allow you to receive a quality training experience without putting your life on hold.
  • Even those who struggle to determine what they want to do in life can find a rewarding career simply by choosing from any of our career paths.
  • Our goal is to help bridge the gap between your learning experience and the career you’re looking for.

Why Online Learning?

Online learning is a wonderful option for anyone looking to restart, revamp, or redirect their career. It’s a faster, cheaper alternative to traditional education.

While the average student debt from four-year public schools is upward of $26,900 and college tuition has risen by 213% in the past few decades, online career training courses cost much less. At CareerStep, our courses range from $199 to $3,999 — and that price includes everything you’ll need: full access, course materials, Learner support, and more.

A major advantage of online learning is the ability to fit your training into your daily routine instead of turning your entire life upside down. You can learn wherever, whenever, and at whatever pace you choose. You can even fulfill family responsibilities and continue to work part- or full-time while you train for your next opportunity.

The best part? Our skills-based training programs are incredibly thorough and much faster than traditional education. How much faster? We’re talking months, not 2–6 years.

Because when you’re out of work or hunting for a better job, time is of the essence. If you want to get trained, certified, and working — sooner rather than later — we can help.

How Does Online Training and Certification Work?

You’ll begin your online training by selecting the career you want to pursue. CareerStep offers various options in many industries, including healthcare, technology, and administration. Here are a few examples:

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right path for you, our team is happy to help. Just reach out to one of our Career Advisors and they’ll help you navigate all your options.

Once you settle on a specific career path, we’ll provide you with any materials you might need, as well as recommendations for your personal computer hardware. You’ll receive your materials within 7–10 days of sign-up and be ready to begin your course.

Each program is divided into bite-size modules to organize your learning and make the material easy to follow and understand. You’ll read, watch videos, and practice as you work your way through the course. Some programs offer a clinical externship where you’ll put your new knowledge and skills to the test in a professional work environment.

At the end of your course, you’ll be prepared to complete any applicable national certification exam for your profession.

Why Choose CareerStep

CareerStep programs are designed to help you prepare to become job-ready in a number of healthcare roles. We’re approved by experts and partner with some of the most trusted names in the industry to connect our Learners with potential employment opportunities. If you want a job, we’ll help you find one with the most seamless and effective training experience possible. Period. That’s why hundreds of thousands of Learners have chosen CareerStep to start their careers.

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