Top 7 Benefits of Certificate Training

Posted on 07.04.2017

Maybe you’re looking for a fast way to start making more than minimum wage, or maybe you’ve already completed specialized coursework or have experience in the career field of your choice. Maybe you’re already working or have recently started the job hunt.

Regardless of your circumstances, certificate training can help you get and maintain that edge you need to get into the career you’re dreaming of.

Start a New Career

With certificate training, you can begin a brand new career without needing years of education and experience in healthcare, technology, or administration. A 3 month program can help you skip past the entry-level positions and into a more focused career field.

Pay for college

While certificate programs can become a long-term career, many use them as a jumping off point for more advanced careers. If you want to earn a higher salary while paying for your college degree, a certificate program may be exactly what you need.

Bolster your credentials

Whether it boosts your resume, increases your potential for employment, or gives you an edge at a pay increase, certifications simply look good. Many industries require certifications, but even they are not required, an employer still has to compare candidates to choose the best. Certifications could make the difference in the hiring process or help you make more money.


When you set aside the time and effort to study for a certification exam, you’re making sure you really understand the material. Certifications are generally designed to test a wide variety of topics within your expertise. Certification preparation motivates you to comprehensively know your stuff and that, in turn, makes you more of an expert and better at your job.

Refresh your knowledge

Continuing education keeps you current. Even if you’ve got a lot of experience, certification training can raise your conceptual understanding to a higher level and reconfirm what you already practice. Certification, whether required or optional, will help you make sure you’re at the top of industry standards. And the sooner you have that new knowledge, the faster you can apply it in the workplace.


Not only are you improving your knowledge and your employment options by getting the certification itself, the connections where you train can be an ongoing source of networking, information, and career development. CareerStep provides certification training as well as access to career professionals, resume experts, coaching, student advocates and graduate services.

A job resource

Certifications may require you to prepare for hands-on instruction or simulations. You’ll need to understand not only the what and the why but also the how. After you’ve completed your exam and received your certification, the materials you’ve used to study can now be a technical resource to aid you as you go forward in your career.


CareerStep offers certification prep for many of its programs and courses:

Medical Billing and Coding (CCA certification offered by AHIMA / CPC certification offered by AAPC)

Pharmacy Technician (PTCB certification)

Medical Assistant (CCMA certification)

Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR (CMAA certification / CEHRS certification)

Medical Office Manager (CMAA certification / CEHRS certification)

Computer Technician (CompTIA A+ certification)

Healthcare IT

EKG Technician (CET certification)

Phlebotomy Technician (CPT certification)


If you’re looking for a career change, certification training, or continuing education for your entire organization, take a look at CareerStep or call us today: 1-800-246-7937.