New Training for Five Core Microsoft Office 2007 Application

Career Step, a leading online school, has announced the release of five new training courses focusing on the Microsoft Office 2007 suite, including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. These new training courses range from 17 to 21 hours and can be purchased as individual courses or in a training bundle that includes all five.

“We’re very excited to be releasing these new courses,” said COO Mark Thomas, the Career Step executive leading development. “For Career Step, this new training represents a step into the technology training space as well as a move toward quicker courses that focus on a more defined skill set. For our students, these new courses offer the opportunity to rapidly develop an expertise in these Microsoft software applications. The ability to successfully work with these programs has become more than just a career skill—this is an important life skill.”

The Career Step training courses are available online, which allows students to study on their own schedule and at their own pace with 24/7 access to the curriculum. This provides more flexibility than training presented either in a classroom or by online programs that closely simulate the classroom environment with scheduled lectures and login times.

The courses were developed to prepare students to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) credential for their specific Microsoft Office program of study. Students who certify as a specialist in Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as either Access or Outlook are designated by the MOS Master credential. The Career Step courses help students prepare for these industry credentials with comprehensive curriculum and exercise files that allow them to practice the skills they’ll need to earn the credential.

The individual Microsoft Office 2007 courses are priced at $149. Students interested in all five training courses can purchase the training bundle for $499. To learn more about the Career Step Microsoft Office 2007 training courses, visit or call 1-800-411-7073.

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