New Academic Partnership Opportunities

Career Step has announced that it is adding a new partnership option to the academic partner division of its operations. This new partnership model, called Academic Partners (AP) Direct, will allow the partnered institutions to offer the Career Step programs without committing marketing and administrative resources. Career Step will also maintain its current academic partnership option that allows colleges and universities to private label the Career Step online training programs.

“Career Step has partnerships with over 150 colleges and universities nationwide,” said Chris Charles, Career Step Vice President of Academic Partners. “This new AP Direct model allows us to be more involved in the enrollment process for institutions that want to offer Career Step’s quality online training programs but don’t have the staff or resources to devote to private labeling the courses.”

Career Step offers online training programs for medical transcription, medical coding and billing, pharmacy technician, medical administrative assistant, and administrative assistant careers. The training programs are all focused on quickly preparing students for the workforce, and they allow students to train online on their own schedule and at their own pace. In addition, the Career Step training programs include graduate services to help students make the transition to their first job in their new field after graduation. The vocational focus of these programs offers relatively quick, job-focused training to the catalogs of many universities, colleges, and training institutions nationwide.

Currently over 150 colleges and universities have partnered with Career Step to offer its training programs to their local communities. Career Step also has five international partners, including training institutions in Canada and Australia. Regardless of the partnership model, Career Step works closely with its partners to ensure the success of the students in the programs and the courses at the institution.

For more information on Career Step academic partnerships or the new AP Direct model in particular, please call 1-888-355-4144.

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