Quality & Patient ICD-10 Readiness Tool

Career Step has worked closely with Amerinet, a leading national healthcare solutions organization, on the creation of the Amerinet Quality and Patient Safety ICD-10 Readiness Toolkit, released Monday, August 5. Career Step’s ICD-10 educational offering, The ICD-10 Solution, is included in the toolkit, and Career Step also helped research, identify, and compile many of the other resources included.

“Because I was able to trial some of The ICD-10 Solution modules, I can say, first-hand, that the course content is absolutely fantastic!” said Anne Mitchell, Senior Director of Quality and Patient Safety at Amerinet. “We are so excited about increasing our membership’s awareness of these critical courses by adding them to our ICD-10 Readiness Toolkit. With less than 14 months remaining before the mandated deadline, we are well aware of the need for our members to make sure their training is preparing them for accuracy with minimal losses in productivity.”

With organizations such as the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) reporting that a large number of healthcare facilities and physician practices are significantly behind in their ICD-10 preparation efforts, the Amerinet Quality and Patient Safety ICD-10 Readiness Toolkit is a well-timed resource. Available to Amerinet members through the Amerinet website on August 5, the toolkit provides an excellent resource for member facilities looking to carry out their ICD-10 preparation efforts.

“Time is of the essence with about 14 months remaining before the mandated ICD-10 transition date, and in that window of time, our goal is to be an asset to Amerinet members” said Kim Zurawski, Career Step Healthcare and Corporate Training Business Development Market Manager. “Whether decision-makers ultimately choose our training or take another route to prepare, we want to be a resource to the industry and help deliver positive outcomes on, and after, October 1, 2014.”

As an Amerinet supplier under agreement AS10173, Career Step was uniquely qualified to contribute to the creation of the toolkit. Through The ICD-10 Solution, an ICD-10 educational offering co-developed with YES HIM Consulting, Inc., Career Step offers coder and organizational ICD-10 readiness assessments, ICD-10 specific biomedical sciences education, and comprehensive ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS code training as well as ICD-10 physician training and workshops and seminars designed to take ICD-10 education efforts beyond the medical coding and HIM departments.

Learn more about the Amerinet Quality and Patient Safety ICD-10 Readiness Toolkit by visiting http://www.amerinet-gpo.com. More information about Career Step’s ICD-10 educational offerings can be found at CareerStep.com or by calling 1-800-411-7073.

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