New Veterinary Assistant | Medical Office Administration Career Training

Career Step, an online provider of career-focused education and professional training, is proud to announce the release of its new Veterinary Assistant with Medical Office Administration program. This course will give students the skills they need to work in any type of veterinary or medical office and can be completed in twelve months of full-time study.

“We are excited to announce our new Veterinary Assistant with Medical Office Administration program designed to prepare graduates for careers in the growing veterinary and medical administration fields,” said Steve Tober, Career Step President and CEO. “Our mission is to empower our students to improve their career prospects by providing comprehensive training that will enable them to transition quickly into a rewarding career.”

The new Veterinary Assistant with Medical Office Administration program was developed to train students to work as veterinary assistants or as medical administrative assistants in facilities nationwide. This broad skill set provides job flexibility that sets students up to move into an office or practice manager role as they gain experience. The course provides 347 hours of curriculum, covering material such as examination room and office procedures, small and large animal nursing, office and hospital procedures, and healthcare documentation.

The Veterinary Assistant with Medical Office Administration course follows the online format of other Career Step programs and is hosted on the company’s proprietary online learning platform. This gives students 24/7 access to all course material, allowing them to study on the schedule and at the pace that works for them.

“We are excited to offer a program that allows students to develop such a broad range of expertise,” said Jerolyn Robertson, Career Step Vice President of Academics. “Our goal with this program is for Career Step students to gain the knowledge and experience they need to be marketable as a veterinary assistant or as the office manager or administrative assistant in a veterinary office and to have the skill set needed to transition into management positions in a broader healthcare office setting.”

Career Step has been providing quality career education for over 25 years and focuses its programs in high-growth healthcare fields that offer opportunities nationwide. The school is dedicated to providing education with the single-minded focus of preparing students to start rewarding careers.

For more information on Career Step’s new Veterinary Assistant with Medical Office Administration program, visit or call 1-800-411-7073.

About Career Step
Career Step is an online provider of career-focused education and professional training. The company has trained over 100,000 students for new careers as well as more than 100,000 healthcare professionals through its various continuing education courses. More than 150 colleges and universities nationwide have partnered with Career Step, and the company provides training for several of the largest and most respected healthcare employers in the nation. Career Step is committed to helping students and practicing healthcare professionals alike gain the skills they need to be successful in the workplace—improving lives, advancing careers and driving business results through education. More information can be found at or 1-800-246-7836

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