Career Step Named as One of 2011 Military Friendly Schools

Career Step, a leading online healthcare education company, has earned a place on the 2011 Military Friendly Schools list published annually by G.I. Jobs magazine. Career Step has been included on this list because of the high level of quality and flexibility its online programs offer, its streamlined training that allows students to quickly prepare to enter in their chosen field, and its military tuition discounts and participation in the MyCAA program.

“We’re very proud to be included on the 2011 list of Military Friendly Schools,” said Mark Thomas, Career Step COO. “We are very grateful to both servicemembers and their families for the sacrifices they make for our country, and we’re strongly committed to giving back by offering flexible training opportunities that quickly prepare these students for new careers in healthcare.”

The Career Step programs are entirely online—offering military servicemembers and their families the opportunity to complete their training from anywhere they have a computer and an internet connection. This allows them to complete their education at a pace and on a schedule that fits each individual’s lifestyle, regardless of frequent moves or life changes. This flexibility is especially important to military members and families, and it is one of the primary reasons for Career Step’s inclusion on the Military Friendly Schools list.

Another way that Career Step gives back is by providing programs that allow students to prepare for a new vocational career in less time than it would take to complete a degree. Though the training can be completed quickly, students still gain all of the knowledge and skills required to not only get a job, but to succeed and excel in their chosen field. Career Step offers Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Billing, and Pharmacy Technician training programs, and each of these courses is developed in collaboration with industry experts, employers, and associations to ensure that graduates are well-prepared.

The Military Friendly Schools list pays particular attention to financial benefits available to military students. Career Step offers significant military tuition discounts to all servicemembers, veterans, and dependents and also participates in the MyCAA military spouse education funding program. Military students who enroll with Career Step can receive a 20% tuition discount, and all of the Career Step programs are approved for full funding through the MyCAA program.

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