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You may already know that CareerStep offers the best online education and online career training for America’s most in-demand healthcare and dental careers. But did you know that the support doesn’t end — or even begin — there? 

CareerStep offers free career advice and resources to help Learners before they sign up, during their training, and after they complete their online certification. While your courses teach you the hard skills needed to perform in a professional healthcare environment, these resources help you finesse the soft skills that help you get and stay hired. 


Don’t have time to read the whole piece? No problem. Check out our key thoughts below:

  • Transitioning from a training sphere to a career environment comes with a swift learning curve. CareerStep offers advisors, resources, and consulting to help you move forward in your career. 
  • Real help from real people moves the needle in feeling supported and outfitted for success. Our Career Advisors are here for you every step of the way. 
  • Courses and resources in some of the most in-demand positions today can launch you into the position you’ve been dreaming about. Ensure your own success with CareerStep

Information to Help You Choose Your Career (And Help Others Do the Same)

CareerStep is the premier provider of online healthcare training. We offer everything from medical coding and billing  to health IT training programs. But with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to wonder which path is right for you. 

Our goal isn’t just to provide you with top-shelf training. It’s also to help make the transition from learning to loving your new job easy. 

That’s why we offer program selection help free of charge. You can contact our talented team of professionals and Career Advisors to guide you on your path and share all the relevant information on our courses. You can also explore our online resources for video testimonials from various professionals, motion graphics that explain different career options, virtual “tours” of certification paths, and more. 
And, if you’re as happy with your new job at the end of your training as we hope you will be, we also offer a full resource center with information to refer others in your network to CareerStep.

Coaching, Troubleshooting, and Job Preparation

Once you’ve enrolled in a CareerStep program, our entire staff continues to be at your service. You’ll never be taking this journey alone. Our employees are real people — not robots — who can help coach you to keep you on track throughout your journey. They’re also there to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and provide the tech support you need for online learning. 

Be sure to also ask about online practice certification tests and other free resources like typing tests to up your game. 

At the completion of your course, our Career Advisors can offer career tips and interview preparation to help you outshine the competition — at no extra charge.

Professional Education and Development for Your Team

Though not a strictly free resource, we couldn’t leave without mentioning our resources for established professionals. CareerStep offers team and business leaders the resources they need to ensure their teams are prepared for today’s challenges. 

Our professional education and development offerings help you build the very best team while providing career growth opportunities and fostering employee loyalty. 

Currently, these resources target the following careers:

  • Medical coding
  • Medical billing
  • Inpatient coding auditing
  • Team development geared toward medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, coders, and billers

We start by evaluating your team to pinpoint the areas that need improvement. After the evaluation, you’ll know exactly which of our education programs your team needs to achieve better results. 

Whatever you need, CareerStep is here to help you succeed!

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